#rockyourhandwriting: Drill – Your Favourite Word


#rockyourhandwriting: Drill – Your Favourite Word

I choose “wasurenaide.” I am pretty pleased of how it turned out. I guess doing drills at 2AM so as not to fall asleep while finishing work is effective.

Wasurenaide is a Japanese word which means “do not forget.” This is also the title of one of the Japanese songs of Tohoshinki, which I think, is one of their most beautiful songs. In life, there are good memories and bad memories, but I do not want to forget them. The good ones inspire, encourage, and give us hope to go on living; the bad ones teach and strengthen us to live our lives to its full capacity.


Page 9 of 366: The Random Things

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I am changing the Dear Diary… format into a this. Much easier to write and I won’t be bothered with the other fluffy things I usually wrote in the Dear Diary format. Plus I think I may be able to update this more.

New Year’s Eve, while the family was busy preparing for Media Noche, (actually it was just my mama and my brother in law, the rest of the family lack cooking skills), I was opening some Christmas presents that I didn’t get to open yet and organized my stuff in the new drawers that I bought.

Those notebooks above were from Marianne. I so so so love the heart shaped notebook, eeeeee! Actually it comes in box with a pen and some notepads too but I am all for the notebooks, so the others were irrelevant. Hahaha!

This one is from my workmate, Glo. Are they not so supporting with my collectibles and obsessions? Hahaha! I like it coz the cover is a woven kind.

My flourescent pens…

… and my floral mink pens.

I was supposed to gift them to some friends, but after some considerations, I decided that she is not much of a friend to me (just a semi friend, depending on the circumstances, hahaha!) and they were sooo cute I am keeping them to myself.

One of the two sets of rubber stamps I bought for Summer, but since her auntie *eherm* liked the stamp too, she is keeping it for herself again. Hahaha! My gawd, selfishness is my theme for this Christmas.

While arranging and digging old stuff, I found this.

This is a 상평통보 (sang pyeong tong bo), a Korean coin in circulation during the Choson Dynasty. That above is a pasalubong from mama Jae when she went to Korea. It was kept among my other stuff I forgot I have it.

My Asian souvenirs! I didn’t know I already have a few from friends who were flying around, tee hee! From left, Korea from mama Jae, Thailand from Miss Jo (which is like 3-4 years ago already), Malaysia from Marianne and Singapore from Jes. Now I want something from Japan.

My lovely New Year’s Eve mess. Colourful mess. ♥ Notebooks, CDs, pens, lotion, shower gel, boxes, chopsticks.

Tadaaaaaa! My drawerful  of pens. May your number double this year. Amen.

My drawerful of notebooks. Like my lovely pens, may your number double this year too.

My nameless puppy plushies! Lara said they were for Summer and Rein, but no! Auntie likes them and auntie gets them. Pwahahaha! Gosh, selfishness is really my motto, hahaha!

And the best Christmas stuff I got this year! TVXQ (DBSK, Tohoshinki, whatever else they are called) CDs and a DVD!

That’s all. ☺

1400 Things To Be Happy About xix [東方神起 – Keep Your Head Down Hallyu Dream Concert Performance]

Source: Sorry I forgot to take note of the source last night due to maximum spazzing, but I will get back to it later!

19.  東方神起 (Tohoshinki) Keep Your Head Down Hallyu Dream Concert Performance

Oh, the fangirl in meeeee! Gawd, you just can’t deny that Jung Yunho and Shim Changmin have the most powerful performance and not to mention the STAGE PRESENCE in all the performances that night. As if I have watched the other performances (except for G-Dragon and TOP, which is love too!) but no need coz I know Tohoshinki will just drown them all with this! *swooooooons*

Dear Diary… xii [Steve Jobs, G-Dragon and Kim Jaejung]

October 6, 2011
I-Am-Not-Late-For-Work-Today Thursdaaaaay

Mood: Hungry
Playing: Tohoshinki – I Don’t Know

♥ ~ ♥ ~ ♥

Dear Diary,

Yesterday I did not go to work; I served my one day sentence for my hideous crime of tardiness. I did nothing but sleep and read and then sleep again. Life of a pig, you may say. Actually, Marianne and I were supposed to go to the mall and watch movies and take pictures to show them that it is awesome to be suspended for being tardy and if they want to join the fun, be tardy, hahaha! That is just our way of expressing our resentment towards this unreasonable tardiness policy in North Korea*. Gawd, I never thought that I would be saying this, but I think the General has gotten more strict and unreasonable I would rather have Vi to answer to.

So, in short, it was a very unproductive day for me. Unless you count the following as a feat and file it under my Productive List.

  • Reaching my 42000th tweet! Wooot! Wow, I have a feeling that my goal of 50000 tweets before the end of the year is within reach, hahaha! As long as there are K-Pop scandals, spazzes, photos to reblog and reblog and people to rant to. Gawd, I pity my Twitter but then, it is the closest thing to an imaginary listening friend that I can get.
  • Making a me2day account. Okay, so I am a social networking whore. I dunno what made me signed up, maybe because I was coaxed by a good friend and I cannot say no to her because she is just too nice and sweet and maybe, partly curiosity too. So I did, and it was nice, though I felt a bit lonely there coz I only got 2 friends, hahaha! At least when Twitter won’t work, I have another option. But please, don’t take me away from my Twitter.

So stressed this morning. Since I have used up my late credits at work (2 lates allowed in a month, can you imagine that? Late = Stress to me now.), I cannot afford to be late again, or else I will be kissing my career’s arse goodbye. Not that I want to kiss its arse goodbye now, but I haven’t found a replacement yet. A good replacement, I should say. Have to leave home at 7:30 in the morning to make it on time to work. Seven o’ clock, I am done with my bath now, I have to sacrifice my hairjobs and makeup AGAIN today to make it on time, and when I was about to wear my uniform, they were nowhere hanging in the closet. I asked my mama where my uniform is, and que horror! Said she that she just washed them yesterday! Oh noes! More stress. I could have worn civilian clothes and explain to the HR what happened, hoping to be excused but I don’t want to. I don’t want to go asking favours from the HR as much as possible. So while I was eating my breakfast, my mama was ironing my smoking uniforms and it was still a bit damp when I put it on. I just pretend that I got rained on. Pffft.

Steve Jobs, founder of Apple, passed away today. I learned of his passing through the device that he invented, ain’t that a cool way to announce to the world of your death? He was a man well loved. Rest In Peace, Steve.

I first learned and heard (or you can say read) of Steve Jobs in an Archie’s comic book. Moose was studying about anthropology and he was asked what the early man was called and he answered, “Steve Jobs.” Since I dunno who Steve Jobs was way back then, I did not get the joke. Pffft.  I have a feeling I have written about this somewhere along my previous blogs. There’s a feeling og déjà vu while I was typing this.

Currently playing High High of G-Dragon and T.O.P., and the world of K-Pop yesterday was in chaos due to the marijuana scandal of Kwon Jiyong (a.k.a. G-Dragon). Reports said he was caught smoking weed in a club, others said it was due to hair testing (which I dun understand how it has come to this), and yes, being a fan of G-Dragon, I find his I-was-given-a-roll-and-I-thought-it-was-just-cigarette alibi adorable, LOL! Warped sense of fangirling? I just hope they would give a clear and concise statement regarding this issue. Korean media tend to sensationalize stuff and be harsh to the offenders as if they have committed the crime of the century. Not saying that what he did was right, it is NEVER right, but then what are second chances for?

Gawd, I am sooo caught up writing about my K-Pop issues lately, hahahaha! What can I say, Kim Jaejung is feeding the bipolarity in me. The other day I was waaaaaaaaay to high (“higher” than G-Dragon, hahaha!) in his interview statements like, they are still part of TVXQ, they (JYJ) are dreaming of Yunho and Changmin, wanting to contact them, and the possibility that Jaejung would meet Yunho at Poseidon’s after party since the lighting director of Poseidon is also Protect The Boss’ lighting director and he is friends with him, OMG, he made my fangirl heart go gaga! @!#@!%!@#$%$%@#!% I was forever reblogging pics of OT5, and now what is this with his Twitter than he is now following 2 people – Junsu and Yucheon. What happened, Jaejung?

Now it is back to work for me again, and I am doing the countdown for the weekend. Just hope that this day is going to be just fine.

, k

[Video] 東方神起 – B.U.T.

Source: kpopidolgroupjapan8

Not digging the title of the song, and this is so far the most decent video copy I have seen so far (I don’t understand why their Japanese videos have crappy quality), but the song is soooo catchy and nice.

1400 Things To Be Happy About [The Domination of TVXQ5]

18. Jung Yunho, Sim Changmin, Kim Jaejung, Park Yucheon and Kim Junsu. Topping. The. Charts. *points to the pic above*

Oh. My. Fangirling. Heart. I am sooooo proud of my boys! Together or apart, they are still reigning. Should I say more? Indeed the Return of The Kings Gods.