#rockyourhandwriting: Quote of The Day


#rockyourhandwriting: Quote of The Day

Integrity is doing the right thing when no one is watching.

Written on my Muji A5 dot-grid notebook using Pilot G-Tech Maica 0.4 in violet and blue using my own version of faux calligraphy and normal handwriting.


#rockyourhandwriting: Where I Write

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#rockyourhandwriting: Where I Write

On my bed, my “other workstation.” We just have a small space at home, and I want all my tools and supplies in front of me or within my reach when I am working. Also, I love to lie on my tummy with my feet up in the air while writing, which you cannot do when you are writing on a table, yes?

In the picture, I have my Staedtler Triplus fineliners, Faber Castell coloured pencils, Soft Color milk gel pens, Dong-A Playon colour fineliners and markers, sticky notes, stickers, my snowman coffee mug which I used as a penholder for the meantime. Inside are my Pilot G-Tech Maica 0.4 gel pens, Muji gel pens in 0.38, Zig Kutetake Cocoiro letter pens, a cutter, and correction tape. On the left side is my A5 silver mesh bag filled with stickers and sticker notes. Of course, I need my Samsung Galaxy Tab to browse and save journal photos for ideas and inspiration.

#rockyourhandwriting: Drill – Your Favourite Word


#rockyourhandwriting: Drill – Your Favourite Word

I choose “wasurenaide.” I am pretty pleased of how it turned out. I guess doing drills at 2AM so as not to fall asleep while finishing work is effective.

Wasurenaide is a Japanese word which means “do not forget.” This is also the title of one of the Japanese songs of Tohoshinki, which I think, is one of their most beautiful songs. In life, there are good memories and bad memories, but I do not want to forget them. The good ones inspire, encourage, and give us hope to go on living; the bad ones teach and strengthen us to live our lives to its full capacity.

#rockyourhandwriting: Five Facts About Me

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#rockyourhandwriting: Five Facts About Me

Yay, I can do faux calligraphy now, though there is still a looooooong way to go for me, but everything has a beginning, right? Having a bullet journal makes me want to improve my handwriting and to explore other styles of handwriting because my styles are now obsolete. Pffft! It is an amazing thing to see other people writing beautifully; they are so inspiring, and always, ALWAYS, they say it takes them a lot of practice, so yes, that is what I am going to do to.

So, what are the five facts about me?

  1. I cannot shoulder-carry a bag on my right shoulder. I carry stuff using my left hand, even though I am right handed. Maybe this is nature’s way of giving my right shoulder and hand a break.
  2. I like epic fantasy novels than young adult fiction. Young adult fiction nowadays are so cliche and overrated.
  3. I have very little to no hand-eye coordination. This is why I am bad at sports.
  4. I am an ESTP!
  5. I recently got charmed by judo. OMG, I never knew that I will be fascinated by judo, a sport considered boring by many, but wow, how beautiful it is. I never fail to watch each episode of Cool Kiz On The Block every Wednesday, and I am so always looking forward to see Jota play.


#rockyourhandwriting: Before

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#rockyourhandwriting : Before

This is my BEFORE handwriting. I prefer to write in print because it looks neat and I can form the letters better than cursive. I want to improve my cursive because it still looks like a sixth-grader’s handwriting, the time when I stopped writing in cursive.

#rockyourhandwriting Challenge : My Name

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#rockyourhandwriting Challenge: My Name

I do not know if there is still going to be any improvement with my handwriting, as I have been writing this way since I was in high school. But the good thing with this challenge is, after years of using keyboards when writing, it makes me reunite with my love for handwriting, and now I can write without my hands hurting and shaking. I need to improve my cursive because it sucks big time. I want to make beautiful calligraphy, too.

#rockyourhandwriting Challenge


I do not do challenges much because most of the time, I am inept. But this time, I know I can rock this challenge, plus I want to see how much my handwriting will improve in a period of one month, that is, if there are still improvements needed with it. I will post my daily challenges here and in my Instagram account.