CL/IL Post-Valentine Breakfast Party




Cupcakes by Krizna (@kriz417) and choco mallows for our post-Valentine Breakfast Party. Diabetic alert!  I love my ribbon header, so scrapbookish. I use the fancy wrappers in my paper book for the banner.


Breakfast Menu:

  • Cupcakes
  • Choco Mallows
  • Coffee and  Hot Choco

My beautiful assistants busily working at the back.


Writing on windows feel so liberating! It has the thrill of  doing something bad like vandalism, but you know you would not get caught with it and you are not leaving any ugly writings. (Though some lettering on graffiti are so nice!) I am using the erasable chalk pens Phoebe sent me. 🙂


Me at work. Shet, fatness.

I enjoyed this day, and I am glad I and my teammates get to bond over something as a simple yet cute breakfast like this.


2012 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

19,000 people fit into the new Barclays Center to see Jay-Z perform. This blog was viewed about 84,000 times in 2012. If it were a concert at the Barclays Center, it would take about 4 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

Click here to see the complete report.

1400 Things To Be Happy About xxix [Family Trip to Tagaytay]

29. Family Trip to Tagaytay.

December 30 is a non-working holiday so our tribe packed up food and hiked up to Tagaytay, ha! Would you believe that this is my first time to come here after being in the metro for 5-6 years? It was fun, and I would really love to try the zipline but one ride is PhP200 and it is just soooo short! I was used to the long and unlimited ziplining in Misibis. Glad to have quality bonding time with my family.


Page 9 of 366: The Random Things

Page 9

I am changing the Dear Diary… format into a this. Much easier to write and I won’t be bothered with the other fluffy things I usually wrote in the Dear Diary format. Plus I think I may be able to update this more.

New Year’s Eve, while the family was busy preparing for Media Noche, (actually it was just my mama and my brother in law, the rest of the family lack cooking skills), I was opening some Christmas presents that I didn’t get to open yet and organized my stuff in the new drawers that I bought.

Those notebooks above were from Marianne. I so so so love the heart shaped notebook, eeeeee! Actually it comes in box with a pen and some notepads too but I am all for the notebooks, so the others were irrelevant. Hahaha!

This one is from my workmate, Glo. Are they not so supporting with my collectibles and obsessions? Hahaha! I like it coz the cover is a woven kind.

My flourescent pens…

… and my floral mink pens.

I was supposed to gift them to some friends, but after some considerations, I decided that she is not much of a friend to me (just a semi friend, depending on the circumstances, hahaha!) and they were sooo cute I am keeping them to myself.

One of the two sets of rubber stamps I bought for Summer, but since her auntie *eherm* liked the stamp too, she is keeping it for herself again. Hahaha! My gawd, selfishness is my theme for this Christmas.

While arranging and digging old stuff, I found this.

This is a 상평통보 (sang pyeong tong bo), a Korean coin in circulation during the Choson Dynasty. That above is a pasalubong from mama Jae when she went to Korea. It was kept among my other stuff I forgot I have it.

My Asian souvenirs! I didn’t know I already have a few from friends who were flying around, tee hee! From left, Korea from mama Jae, Thailand from Miss Jo (which is like 3-4 years ago already), Malaysia from Marianne and Singapore from Jes. Now I want something from Japan.

My lovely New Year’s Eve mess. Colourful mess. ♥ Notebooks, CDs, pens, lotion, shower gel, boxes, chopsticks.

Tadaaaaaa! My drawerful  of pens. May your number double this year. Amen.

My drawerful of notebooks. Like my lovely pens, may your number double this year too.

My nameless puppy plushies! Lara said they were for Summer and Rein, but no! Auntie likes them and auntie gets them. Pwahahaha! Gosh, selfishness is really my motto, hahaha!

And the best Christmas stuff I got this year! TVXQ (DBSK, Tohoshinki, whatever else they are called) CDs and a DVD!

That’s all. ☺

Reasons Why I Miss The Good Old Happy Philippines*

Note: Philippines* (yes, with an asterisk, baby) being referred to as our old workplace, where all the fun and happy people used to be, yes, even with the presence of the Supreme Leader (aka Vi) of the now North Korea*.

  • Unlimited lunch time. Actually, any time can be lunch time. You can eat at 9:00AM, 10:00AM, or you can have lunch by 12:30PM and come back by 2:00PM. No hassle.
  • No stupid and impossible tardiness rules. Yes, tardiness is being discouraged since the old Philippine* days, but we don’t have this stupid you-can-only-be-late-twice-a-month policy. I still think it is soooo ridiculous.
  • Awesome, happy people.Yeah, none of those creepy, touchy-feely ones, and an FOB at that. The mofo! I miss the noisy, funny workmates. Where are they now?
  • No generals, mafias and even the Supreme Leader was quite tame-able. Bring on the rats, Raymond! Yes, that is what she is afraid of. Rats. Seeing her scamper from her workstation screaming for Raymond is one of the bestest memories ever. No one can top that yet.
  • Cyber democracy! Not a plan of me doing some major rally at Mendiola has cross my mind. Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Multiply, all the known social media existing during that time. The brightest days for a social media whore like me.
  • Birthdays were fun!You only get to feed 20+ pax. Now it’s a dreaded thing! Not only you get a little more older, your wallet’s getting wrinkles too thinking how to feed 50+ pax.
  • Each company is like an autonomous region. You have your own gobernador-heneral, though in ours, it comes in the form of The Betch, but it was much better since you can just kiss-arse her and she will be tickled fink. Now everything has to go through the general General. Dognabbit.
  • The fun bickering, bantering, joking, laughing, fun times. Bonding. Darn, with the mass exodus of some of the fun people I know, it’s like Zombieville in North Korea*. You barely see and gossip with friends during the day, except during the timed lunchbreak. North Korea* is breaking friendships. *sobs*

Aside from the direct working relations with the Eternal Leader (aka The Darkling), life in the Philippines* was so much fun. Now, I am really entertaining thoughts of leaving North Korea*, but I have to be prepared for that. With all the rules and restrictions and the dwindling down of some of the good workforce and benefits, it is already suffocating working there. Just hold on for a bit. Who knows, I might land in Japan*.

嫉妬深い (Jealous)