• A read monster.
  • Loves anything colourful.
  • Has a colourful temper too. Thus the need to have this blog to rant and rave, yah?
  • Loves pens and papers.
  • Loves anything cute.
  • Hates naggers.
  • Hates demanding people.
  • Is a fangirl.
  • Cannot live without Twitter.
  • Is forever 25 years old.
  • A Gemini.
  • Hates copycats. Especially if they are copying me. Gawd, go buy your own personality.
  • Loves 윤호, 재중, 유천, 준수 and 창민. To the core.
  • Tumblr: rantsofavixen
  • Impartial to sappy people.
  • Impartial to gits also.
  • Loves humour and people with the right kind of sense of humour.
  • Loves rockstars.
  • Growls at messy handwritings. (Other than my own, so yeah.)
  • Asian, and loving every bit of it.
  • Sucks at Angry Birds.
  • Loves K-pop and some dramas.
  • Is slowly turning into a prolific blogger.
  • More here.

All info stated above are subject to change without prior notice. Keep away from direct sunlight. 95% biodegradable.


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