We All Have Those Friends…

​… that no matter how many times you have posted on your Facebook wall that some political news websites and blogs are haox and faux, they. Still. Do. Not. Get. It. Kulang na lang i-tag ko sila sa mga posts ko para alam nila na it is for them. It is getting into my nerves EVERY TIME I see them sharing links of unconfirmed and unverified news, as long as it “praises” and “glorifies” their political bias. What is more annoying is these people are educated ones and experts in their own fields, but a simple thing as identifying a verified and confirmed news site is hard for them to do? Does the political situation in the Philippines dumb down people already, even those who have higher learning?

… that post too wordy and angry statuses on Facebook almost all the time that it gets tiring and weary even just seeing their names on your feed. Sometimes it hurts to see that these people are your close friends in real life, and to see that they have become beasts online because of their political views, especially when those are the opposite of your own, it makes you think whether sometimes they are secretly mad or annoyed at you, or calling you those degrading names they usually call those who do not share the same views as you. I even have one person from ny home city who blocked me because of politics. Wow.

So, what to do now? Unfollow them, even though you want to see how they are doing and what they are up to in their lives, but seeing them being associated with toxic stuff (at least for me), you might as well do this. Next time you see each other, you do not know all the batshit things they post on their SNS and you can still be as good friends as before sans politics. I have started purging my Facebook now, and as much as I can, I will start using my WordPress again for my own opinion and views. 


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