Another “No Complaining” Week


Last Sunday, I challenged myself to reduce complaining. It has become a normal reaction for me when things do not go my way, and tell you, it does not help me at all. When I bitch about work, it does not reduce it. It still remains the same. The downside of it, complaining makes it harder for you to accomplish your task and hampers brain activity needed to accomplish it.
So, what happened when I stopped complaining for 6/7 days last week?
  • Less stress. I was able to save my energy to do something more productive and achieve more.
  • Productive. I was able to think of ways to stop myself from being bored with what I do. Knowing myself, I cannot focus on one thing for a long time, especially when I do not like what I do. V1 is a drag, but I was able to do it without being crabby. Yay!
  • Seeing things differently. Solutions come when you first shut your mouth when encountering a problem. There were a lot of “Oooooh, I think I should do this, I should do that” moments, which make me feel good about myself.
  • Getting praised and appreciated. This is something unexpected. I did not complain over some situation; instead, I was able to think of a solution to an otherwise tedious and time-consuming work. “Wow, I learn something from you today” is one of the best compliments one can get.
I broke my streak when our Internet connection went shitty last night. I could no longer help it since I have been patient and holding back my temper for week already. I think this is a legit reason enough. (And still, my complaining did not do anything to make our connection better, but at least I was able to vent out my pent-up frustration.)
How did I do it? It was never easy, especially when you want to throw glass tables on people’s faces for being too stupid. Ugh. In this case, stay away from negative people. When you sense someone coming over to your workstation, put on your headphones and play heavy metal music in max volume. Or put up this sign on your desk: “Please, not this week, Satan. Shoo!” I have my own work to do. I, too, am struggling, and I do not you to drag me down with your troubles when you definitely know how to deal with it. Get a tree and talk to it.
Unless you have a solution to your complaint. But if you already have a solution, why need to complain, yes? Again, get a tree and talk to it.
Stay away from comments in social media. Especially those comments that make you wonder what those people are smoking. If these people plant trees for every insult, rude comments, and complaints that they type, global warming is solved.
What is with the trees? Well, I love trees, and trees do not complain.
Hopefully, I can do another week of no complaining. COMPLAINING NEVER MAKES ANYTHING BETTER.