Pen Stories

I know I should not be buying ‪ pens‬ until next week, but I found ‪‎Zig‬ ‪Kuretake‬ ‪ ‎Cocoiro‬ letter pen in SUNSET ORANGE, and I could not let her go! Now that my bright ‪letter pens‬ are complete, I can now finally take a breather.

But those Faber Castell pastel PITT fineliners are so tempting!


What do you know? ‪Daiso‬ now has ‪brush pens‬! Just when I was exercising extreme self-control to NOT grab the Kuretakes at National Bookstore, here comes a cheaper one. Now, I will not feel guilty wasting expensive ink when I practice my ひらがな and カタカナ。But then, that Rhodia dotpad … ugh! Why are you so expensive?



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