Getting My Health Back

health-quote-11Lately, I have been feeling sluggish, unproductive at work, lazy, and tired all the time, and I know that one of the reasons for it is my health. Two years ago, I ran 12 kilometers daily; now, I barely make 500 steps a day! I spend most of my time sitting, especially at work. Now, it is taking a toll on my health.

I read this article about Marie Kondo, the founder of KonMari method of decluttering, how she declutters her brain, and I tried it to see if I could identify the problem and make positive action plans towards those problems. Everything starts with the feeling, so yes, I will break it down one by one why I am not feeling good the past days.

  • Lack of sleep
    • Going to work early to finish some unfinished work
      • Difficult topics
      • Load not doable within 8 working hours
      • Not in the mood to work on the submissions
      • Using time to do other personal stuff
      • Using time to check on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, blogs)
      • Team meeting
    • Sleeping late at night
      • Spending time on social media
      • Doing hobbies like drawing or journaling
      • Social life with friends on weekdays
  • Lack of exercise or physical activities
    • No time for exercise or physical activities
      • Most of the time are spent in the office
      • Too tired to exercise due to overtime at work or being stuck in the traffic
      • Doing other non-physical activities like reading, hobbies, browsing the Internet
    • No motivation to exercise
      • Boredom
      • No exercise buddy
      • Taking a long time and a lot of hard work being seeing some results
  • Unhealthy eating habits
    •  Fastfood
      • Easy, convenient, cravings
    • Junk food
      • Stressed and bored
      • Convenient

Now that I have these things and reasons identified, I need to do something about it. It needs some action plan!

  • Get a good amount of sleep every day.
    • Go to work ON TIME and leave work ON TIME
      • Do the frogs first. If load is not doable within working hours, do half of the difficult ones, then half of the easier ones.
      • Pep up yourself to get into the mood and be productive!
        • Be aware of the consequences if work is not done on time.
        • Set mind on today’s goals.
      • FOCUS. As much as possible, use your working hours for work ONLY.
      • DO NOT OPEN SOCIAL MEDIA SITES DURING WORKING HOURS. Practice this habit. If I had survived years of no SNS policy at Yngen before, then I could do this. #selfcontrol
      • Adjust time and work pacing.
      • Make a goal every day to finish work on time.
    • Go to bed at leave five hours before wake up call.
      • Limit social media. You are a big girl now; BE RESPONSIBLE.
      • Set time limit for doing your hobbies, too.
      • Get enough sleep or rest before socialization with friends.
      • Take a bath and declutter things to have a good night’s sleep.
  • Start small, as long as there is physical activity. 
    • Walk at least 15 to 30 minutes a day.
      • Declutters your mind, relieves stress
      • Gives you enough time to do other activities
    • To combat boredom
      • Listen to music, radio, or some podcasts
      • Think of the benefits of having a good and healthy figure
        • Summer vacation at Sorsogon
        • More inexpensive clothes
        • Looking young, not a losyang, chos! Really, it’s yuck.
    • Beat diabetes
      • No more expensive maintenance pills
  • Start to eat healthy
    • No more fast food.
      • Bring own food to work.
      • Eat fruits like bananas and apples when craving something sweet. They are healthier and less expensive.
      • Take time to buy healthy food in the supermarket.
    • Eat healthy breakfast to curb cravings for junk food.
      • Take short breaks at work to avoid stress eating.
      • Drink a lot of water.

I know this is going to be difficult at first, but I need to work hard to get back my health. I was my healthiest two years ago, and in a span of year, I gained more than what I have lost and another year after, I got diabetes. This is a result of stress, bad eating habits, and lack of exercise. No one is going to do this for me but me and myself only.


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