What’s In *My* Bag?

Always the question my mama asks, and always I tell her they are important stuff I need. She would tell me then that I am carrying bricks inside my bag, and yes, it feels like I have the whole house inside my bag. After wrecking five bag handles, I would not even start denying it.

So, what is inside my bag? After the decluttering done last night, here are some of the stuff stuffed inside it.



  • Muji notebook. For doodles and scribbles.
  • An accordion envelope where I keep my receipts, two packs of plasters, some feminine products, and earphones.
  • Two wallets. One for the bills, one for the coins.
  • Sticky notes, because I might need them to prettify something.
  • Frosty tape dispenser, because who knows, some things need some fixing.
  • A pencil case with 18 pens, hahaha, a small Post-It pad, another frosty tape, a cutter, and a pair of scissors. Because I may need it for cutting up something. Or someone.
  • A spray bottle of alcohol
  • A tube of hand and nail cream
  • Caladryl and aloe vera gel (for those unwanted insect bites and skin echos that come from nowhere)
  • Cologne
  • Two spare keys for the office restroom (aside from the one I left at the office), because what if someone took the key in my station and I have no key to use?
  • Hair pins and elastic bands. Sometimes, a headband or two join in the bag party, because what if I do not feel like tying up my hair.
  • A wide-toothed comb (for wet hair) and a hairbrush (for dry hair)
  • Phone charger. Because what if I drain all my energy and I am not done with my work yet?
  • A makeup bag with four palettes of eye shadow, primer, foundation, two pressed powder, highlighter, blush on, three lipsticks (because what if I do not feel like using this or that colour), a lipstick palette, eyelash curler, mascara, two eyebrow kits, kabuki brush, lip butter, two eyebrow pencils, four eye makeup brushes, two single eye shadow, and a cosmetic sharpener. Whoa, this is practically a tocador!
  • A small purse where my daily medicine and vitamins and White Flower (a must, because what if I suddenly have migraine?)
  • An umbrella! Very important! Because what if it suddenly rains or the sun is scorching hot?
  • 2 packs of tissue paper, because what if I used up one pack and I have no more tissue to use?

It is hard to declutter and leave some things at home because there are a lot of “what if I need this” and “who knows this will come handy” thoughts in my head, especially when I do not like asking people if they have something that I need, because most of the time they do not. I want to be self sufficient, chos!

But really, my shoulder needs a break from carrying all of my daily important worldly possessions.

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