APEC Commuter Woes

Photo by Philippine Star. Traffic going south from Mandaluyong City.

November 17 – Tuesday

Took me 1.5 hours to get home from Makati to Shaw Blvd., my goodness! I walked all the way to Ayala EDSA because there were no buses at Ayala Avenue, only to know that there were also no buses along EDSA, northbound and southbound! I did not want to ride the MRT; just seeing how long the queues were was already making me dizzy. There were colorum vans and cabs going to Ortigas for 100/pax, whaaaat?! They were getting 500-700 pesos per trip. Very easy money. I was so tempted to ride one, but no. I would rather take a cab, and after 30 minutes of being lost where to get a ride, I walked towards McKinley Road to grab a cab. Unfortunately, cab drivers were sooo picky. Grrr! 😤 After another 30 minutes, I successfully hailed a cab and in less than 10 minutes, I finally got home. Commuting since yesterday has been soooo stressful – physically and financially. I already spent a week’s worth of my transportation budget just today. 😠

It is only Tuesday. We still have three days more to sacrifice.

November 18 – Wednesday

Apparently, not only the roads being closed and the trains stopping their operations whenever there are APEC leaders and delegates passing by or within the area, some parts of the malls in the business district are off limits to the people whenever an APEC diety is shopping! Wow. I walked from the office going to Ayala MRT station, passing through the interconnecting malls along the way, but we were told by some mall guards to take a different direction because a VIP is shopping. 😒

When I got to the train station, I was happy because there were only a handful of people buying their tickets for the train. I hurriedly stood in the queue, and when I was about to pay my ticket, the ticket sellers put out the “Closed” signs. What? The PA informed their “valued passengers, as part of the security measures implemented during the APEC, we are stopping train operations whenever APEC delegates are passing EDSA.” That went on for more than 30 minutes. Soon, the whole station were filled with people, and there I was, still standing, waiting, tired, hungry, sweating, and I just wanted to get mad with frustration.

So, for the first time after almost two years, I took the MRT again, and it was not a very good experience, too. To add insult to the injury, I saw a few buses on traffic-free EDSA while I was going down to the crowded platform. Oh dear. 😒


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