ONE OK ROCK’s Wherever You Are at Yokohama Stadium

Wait wait wait wait. What is this? OMG, I cannot process Takahiro and Toru here, OMG! This is my most favourite Wherever You Are version to date!


Manila Traffic : A Very Short Horror Story

I saw this article on my Facebook feed, and I just have to say something about the worsening traffic issue in the metro.

“We wanted to believe HPG chief that private cars are the problem, but then this…”
Credit to the owner.
Credit to the owner.

I say both private cars and public buses cause the traffic. Last night, it took me an effin’ hour to ride a bus at the Ayala-EDSA bus stop. Buses were not able to load and unload passengers at the bus stop because private cars were in the yellow lanes. At the same time, there were public buses almost parking diagonally to pick up passengers and occupying two lanes. Nakakapikon. I say, the efforts made to solve the issue of the worsening traffic in the metro is futile if there is no self discipline. If people are needed to be told, reminded, reprimanded EVERY DAMN TIME to observe traffic rules, what can the HPG and the MMDA do about it? The moment they just turn their backs to attend to another traffic case, the other lanes turn into chaos. Ironic, the people who are complaining about these traffic issues are the same ones who cannot follow the traffic rules. You only get what you give.

People just want to blame everything to the government. They think they are the ones aggrevated of the situation, and the people in the authority are not doing anything to solve this problem. No, you are wrong. They are doing things to solve this problem, but they also need your cooperation. Every one thinks every one is wrong, but himself. They like to play the blame game all the time, not even asking themselves what they have done to contribute to the solution of this problem.

What is so hard in following rules? Why is it so hard to follow rules?