So, Currently…

YAY~! I am back to blogging again, and honestly, I miss this. I just do not have the time to blog anymore because of workworkworkwork. I read through my old blog posts the other day because I was looking for some old attached photos here, and it made me miss blogging. *sobs* I will try to post here as much as I can because blogging is fun~!

So, for the first comeback post, I post this Currently journal prompt I came across the Internet earlier today.


Thinking about coming early at work tomorrow or just sleep. I am getting addicted to sleep. I am also thinking of whether I will buy a ring binder notebook or just use the ones I have at home for journaling. I am feeling creative lately. 7321-design-cute-girls-mind-v-7-2015-new-undated-organizer-diary-journal-weekly-planner-bestkoreaproducts-9Enjoying nothing. I cannot enjoy anything when I am doing some necessary work.

Feeling annoyed with my runny nose. I cannot work well because from time to time, I have to blow my nose. I also hate it when I have difficulty sleeping at night because I cannot breathe! I need to have my White Flower with me. I cannot live without my White Flower. 😀

Wearing black loose blouse, grey dress pants, and snakeskin ballet flats.

Needing new notebooks and pens. And lotsa lotsa stickers.

Wanting to go home now because I am tired and sleepy. Also, I want to play I Love Pasta and Sims Freeplay.

Listening to ONE OK ROCK‘s Wherever You Are live in Yokohama Stadium because gaaaaaaaawd, Taka sounds so so good here. I just discovered this last night when I was searching for a live version of Liar and came across this. I like the part where Taka and Toru are standing together in the limelight during the bridge part. Umf!

Making a blog post, obviously. Or you can say, making a living?

Eating nothing. But I want some yakitori and Japanese mojito. I miss eating at Nanbantei of Tokyo.

PD4142792 3

Drinking Milo because I have no more coffee in my stock box. *sobs* 

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