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Linguini Fini


After a few months, I got to bond with my girl friends, Marianne and Jes, and had Marianne’s super belated birthday threat treat. This was our first time in Linguini Fini, and I must say that the place is nice. We had calamari with pickled chili aioli for appetizer, Linguini Tinapa Gremolata, and pepperoni pizza with fresh basil leaves. Marianne loves anything basil. We ordered good enough for four, and not because Jes is pregnant, haha. Do not underestimate the eating skills of my friends. (On my birthday three years ago, we ordered Monster Deal at Shakeys good for 8 pax, haha!) Interestingly, the pizza came with pickled chili and sweet vinegar, which made the food more appetizing. It was hot, but it was tolerable even for a sweettoothed girl like me. I put some on my pizza, and the result is deliciouso! We were so full we did not get to order dessert or coffee. Maybe next time?

wpid-2191855.jpg   wpid-2191856.jpg

I have to commend our server that night (sorry, I did not get her name) for being extra nice, accomodating, and concerned with our order, especially since one of us is pregnant. She suggested homemade marinara for the calamari instead of the chili aioli since the latter had raw egg. We all ended up liking the homemade marinara better.

Anyway, I started journaling again, yay, and this post was the first one I made in my smashbook. This is what it looks like:



The Other Vitamin C

… is COFFEE~!  

BYx9XXnI was wondering what happened to Starbucks Coffee in our building. It was closed since Monday. Though I am not a fan of Starbucks Coffee (you people should try St. Marc’s Cafe, if you have one in your place), but people usually go every morning for their caffeine fix. So, it seems like they have to buy from Figaro Coffee now or from Family Mart (because they sell UCC Coffee, which I think is much better than Figaro).

What is the maximum number of cups of coffee you can consume in a day? Back then, I used to drink 5 cups of coffee every day: one before I left for work, another one when I arrived at the office, the third one would be after lunch time. Two hours later, I would be having my coffee break, and before I went home, I need a cup to energize me when I had to push and shove people in the MRT on the way home. Hah!

Now I have to limit my intake to three cups a day because #noinsulindependentdiabetes, ugh. Or am I still taking a lot? Haha! People drink coffee to make them stay awake or energize at work, right? Sometimes I drink coffee before bedtime. I am not sure if there is any scientific explanation for that, but it works for me. Zzzzz…

I have to make one now, and then get started working. Do not forget to take your other Vitamin C!

So, Currently…

YAY~! I am back to blogging again, and honestly, I miss this. I just do not have the time to blog anymore because of workworkworkwork. I read through my old blog posts the other day because I was looking for some old attached photos here, and it made me miss blogging. *sobs* I will try to post here as much as I can because blogging is fun~!

So, for the first comeback post, I post this Currently journal prompt I came across the Internet earlier today.


Thinking about coming early at work tomorrow or just sleep. I am getting addicted to sleep. I am also thinking of whether I will buy a ring binder notebook or just use the ones I have at home for journaling. I am feeling creative lately. 7321-design-cute-girls-mind-v-7-2015-new-undated-organizer-diary-journal-weekly-planner-bestkoreaproducts-9Enjoying nothing. I cannot enjoy anything when I am doing some necessary work.

Feeling annoyed with my runny nose. I cannot work well because from time to time, I have to blow my nose. I also hate it when I have difficulty sleeping at night because I cannot breathe! I need to have my White Flower with me. I cannot live without my White Flower. 😀

Wearing black loose blouse, grey dress pants, and snakeskin ballet flats.

Needing new notebooks and pens. And lotsa lotsa stickers.

Wanting to go home now because I am tired and sleepy. Also, I want to play I Love Pasta and Sims Freeplay.

Listening to ONE OK ROCK‘s Wherever You Are live in Yokohama Stadium because gaaaaaaaawd, Taka sounds so so good here. I just discovered this last night when I was searching for a live version of Liar and came across this. I like the part where Taka and Toru are standing together in the limelight during the bridge part. Umf!

Making a blog post, obviously. Or you can say, making a living?

Eating nothing. But I want some yakitori and Japanese mojito. I miss eating at Nanbantei of Tokyo.

PD4142792 3

Drinking Milo because I have no more coffee in my stock box. *sobs*