Of Mental Meltdown


So, I have started another new job, and I am now working as an online English teacher to East Asian kids and my concentration is essay writing. It was quite a time-pressured job since we have a certain amount of essays to correct in a week (232/teacher, OMG!) plus it should be corrected according to school’s system, which I think is a little bit weird way of learning English. We can only limit our grammar correction to 5. Some essays are really horrible, it feels like reading alien writing (sorry about that), but as much as I want to correct them, I cannot do so because of system limitation. But there are kids who write very well too. So as much as the new job is giving me massive headaches at the end of the day, I was somehow entertained along the way.

Here’s an example of a funny essay. The question is: If you were cyber-bullied, would you ask others for help or are you going to solve it by yourself?

One kid wrote: “I will say to my teacher and mom and dad about cyberbullies so they will protect me. Then I will kick cyberbully. I will post mean messages about cyberbully. I will send embarassing photos of cyberbully. At school, I will get cyberbully lunch. Then I will punch cyberbully.”

Hahahahahahaha! Who’s the bully now? As much as this entertained me, I have to give him a 1.

But this one made me smile. The question is: Should minors be able to undergo plastic surgery?

“There are many ways that we can be beautiful aside from plastic surgery. We can change our hairstyles and go on a diet so that we will look good and healthy. We should practice proper hygiene so that we will become clean, and if we look clean, then we are beautiful. Each of us has to think about our own definition of beauty. If one thinks that you can be beautiful because you have plastic surgery, I feel sorry for her. She will grow old and then she will get wrinkles and she will not be beautiful anymore. But we have good attitude and we have studied hard, then we can be beautiful until we grow old.”

I love this! Of course, I gave her a high grade. ^^

The essay prompts are quite interesting too. Some were asked to write whether they want to take a regular vacation or a volunteer vacation (a kind of vacation where they go to poor neighbourhoods and/or countries and help the less fortunate), and some were asked if the government should limit the excessive advertisements on the city streets. Some of the answers are just out of this world, which really take a toll on me mentally because most of the time I was like “What are you trying to say here, please!”, haha, but there are also kids who made an effort to write their essays.

I am looking forward to next week to read more essays. What I am not excited about is the time pressure. I hate it when I cannot really sit down and think and check properly. I like the conventional way of grading essays.


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