This is Not What I Expected It to Be

Let me get this out of my chest before I continue doing some of my work at home.

The thought of teaching children excites me. I think there is a natural love for teaching and learning within me. That is why when I got a job offer from Choongdamn to be one of their online English teachers for essay writing, I have no second thoughts about it. I am ready to leave the complexities of the corporate world to be back to teaching again.

But this is not what I expected it to be. I do not want to hate teaching, but this job is farfetched from what I thought would be a perfect job for me. I love reading and writing, you may ask, but why. Continue reading “This is Not What I Expected It to Be”


Of Mental Meltdown


So, I have started another new job, and I am now working as an online English teacher to East Asian kids and my concentration is essay writing. It was quite a time-pressured job since we have a certain amount of essays to correct in a week (232/teacher, OMG!) plus it should be corrected according to school’s system, which I think is a little bit weird way of learning English. We can only limit our grammar correction to 5. Some essays are really horrible, it feels like reading alien writing (sorry about that), but as much as I want to correct them, I cannot do so because of system limitation. But there are kids who write very well too. So as much as the new job is giving me massive headaches at the end of the day, I was somehow entertained along the way. Continue reading “Of Mental Meltdown”