Interesting Stuff I Found During Room Cleaning

Guess what are these cute stuff? ^^

A tin box of pens, buttons, papers, and ribbons.

An unopened Christmas gift for two years! Hahaha! I have totally forgotten about this. But I did opened it, and I got a leather keychain for our Kris Kringle!

The books I have unearthed under the bed. I might as well live under my bed. I dunno anymore where to put them! If my Lolo Hugo were still alive, he would be reading these with me.

A Christmas card from Leane three Christmases ago! Okay, this is a Christmas card/Chinese New Year card.

This letter writing notebook is already 10 YEARS OLD! OMG! I feel soooo ancient! The ones exchanging letters here are Susha, Lara and me, but browsing through the notebook, it seems that only me and Lara were writing to each other. Vince was there in the cover photo as our mascot/inspiration. XD

Inside the pages of our letter writing notebook. Yes, there has to be borders and drawings and stuff pasted onto it, hahaha! Lara hates it that my pages are nice and neat, and I am always doing some damage control to her pages, hahaha! This is really fun. This beats emails and texts any day.

Okay, so how many of you can say you actually have a real tangible brown sugar attached to your letters? Hahaha! The sugar melted! Aside from sugar sachets, there were resto tissues and candy wrappers attached to some pages. Random stuff, but they were fun.

Despidida party.
When I got here in Manila, I was homesick for a few weeks. I cannot even scrapbook properly since some of the supplies were left back home.

My plane ticket and boarding pass. So, it is going to be 8 years since we left home and live here in the metro.

When Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows book came out, I had no money, so this happened. XD Yes, all 700+ pages. No one can stop a  bookworm – and a Potterhead at that – from getting her eyes on her favourite read.

These are the last Christmas cards I got from my friends from Fantasy Essentials. I guess with the rise of SNSes these days, no one bothers to send Christmas cards anymore. I know I do not. XD

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