Happy New Year!

Chapter 2013 in our life’s book is about to finish. I am so thankful that in our journey, God is always the consistent and constant character. To Him be all honor and praise and gratitude.

Life is indeed full of surprises. People who have missing or not active characters in my life’s story have re-appeared and reunions are sweet. There are some characters who never made it to the last paragraph, but I know that they are now safe and secure in the Author’s loving arms. There are some characters who have reached the crossroads with me, and with great regret and sadness, a parting has happened. I wish them well, wherever their roads may lead them, hoping that someday our paths will cross again. I am forever thankful for the characters who have been with me for many chapters already – sharing my joy, sharing my sorrow, lifting me up when I am down, believing in me, and allowing me to their wings when they need me. Along the way, I have met new characters who have made this chapter of my life exciting.

To the antagonists and protagonists, I thank you also for you have played a part where realization of my hopes and dreams have become clearer. Each act is a learning experience – the good motivates me to strive harder and be a more better person, and the bad makes me realize that some things do not work the way I want to and I have to find another means.

Lastly, thank you to the Author, for making my story a choose-your-own-adventure kind. You have given me free reign on what I want to do but You have laid the options and the possible consequences for each decision. I may have fail, I may have falter, but You make me get back on my feet, making me dependent on You at the same time independent for my own decisions. You have given me so many chances, and when those chances have run out, still You give me more. Guide me to the righteous path, not the easy one. Make me learn, let me grow, and I pray at the last chapter of my life, my epilogue will be, “You are good and faithful. I am proud of you, My child.”

Happy New Year, everyone! I am excited for Chapter 2014 already.


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