Running: The Greatest Metaphor for Life

If running is the way of life in a parallel universe, I would love to be there.

You work hard, you get the rewards. You slack, you go a few squares back. You break some PR, you feel good and proud of yourself and the few pats on the back and recognition and motivation coming your way makes you want to work harder. No one is going to get the credit for the hours of gruelling the ground with your tears, sweat, and a few occasional blood but yourself. Others cannot ask you to do the work for them and get the credits themselves. Your perseverance and dedication is well rewarded; there is growth in running. The longer you run, distancewise and timewise, you grow in more aspects. No shortcuts, no under the table transactions, no cover ups. Everything is transparent and has process in running. There is no room for doubts, only pushing yourself to do more because it is most certain that in one time, you are going to get what you have worked hard for.


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