Reasons Why I Am NOT a Good Fangirl

I cannot stand the spazzes. 

• I do not squeal over the same old thing over again and again. There are a few exceptions, like TVXQ’s SHE, which I cannot help but grin whenever I hear it, but most of the time, I am just like read/see something -> spazz -> save -> move on. The next time I see it, it is just any normal thing to me.

• I lurve-bash my idols. Be it there choice of clothing up to how their toes look like, LOL! I am sorry, but that means I just like them to make small things like that matter, right?

• I do not watch their dramas. Except Sungkyunkwan Scandal, OMG, Yucheon is so much my love there.

• I do not save ALL their pics, like panic saving 50G worth of pics! I dunno what to do with them after all. The same thing also goes to downloading all the videos to their shows, concerts, tours, and omg, commercial ads.

• I do not want them to come to my country to have a concert.

• Even if they are coming, I am not going to watch them either. And then what? Die with frustration that I cannot even talk to them? No, kthxbye.

• I am not interested in watching their concert tour videos, unless it is five of them.

• I do not feel the need or want to buy every album, magazine, photobook, etc. I even regret buying one of their albums because the photobook is printed on a cheap glossy paper and low quality pictures. For my standard.

• I seldom analyse their interviews.

But this does not mean that I do not love them. I do, just in a not so conventional ways.


4 thoughts on “Reasons Why I Am NOT a Good Fangirl

  1. Would you believe I chanced upon this blog by googling Faber-Castell Broadpens LOL (FYI I’m an incurable colored pen junkie)! And then I read THIS!


    I can seriously relate with the whole not-really-a-fangirl thing. I’m a fan of a certain absolutely insanely infamous OTP from a Japanese boy group that was formerly made up of six members but now officially one member less (supposedly because of some wayward member’s white-trash-wannabe ways…OFC that’s what the tabloids are saying, and if you ask me, the idea of them being a real item before is not impossible XD). Clue: they’re Japan’s equally “scandalous” version of Korea’s YunJae 😀

    TBH, I don’t like their music, but I did warm up to them from watching them on their variety shows. And like you I couldn’t care less about them going here AND I pick on them on a regular basis (mostly on that girly youngest member 😀 – but I only pick on him because I’m actually interested in him LOL!) AND buying their merch (I’d rather spend them on colored pens and food and manga HAHA!). I am guilty though of amassing around 3GB of pics of that girly member (some of which are with his ex-bandmate-slash-(ex-?)BF LOL *shot*) and watching all of the dramas he’s starred in (IMO, he’s not an excellent actor as what fangirls say but he’s better than what haters say). I’m a bit guilty of overanalyzing their interview questions, but only because I’m pretty sure those answers are industry-standard showbiz answers anyway, and often they can be inconsistent, too ;D

    So anyway, sorry sorry sorry for this LONG reply to a 6-month-late entry. I’m just endlessly amazed that a fan like you actually exists (and I don’t mean that in a bad way at all :D), and so you get this novel of a reply from me 😀

  2. hii!!
    I know this has nothing to do with the article, but I kind of need your help.. you’re “snappyprincess” right?? I found your fanfic directory..and i’ve been looking for a fic long time ago.. the author deleted her LJ but I didn’t save any of her fics…. and i’m crying now ’cause she was one of my favorites.. do u think u could help me finding this fics..they’r from “sekushiai”

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