Shim Dreams


Okay, about my dream.

Changmin just came into our house and then he looked for me. I went downstairs and asked him, “Why are you here? What do you want?” LOL, yeah, even in dreams I do not get starstruck. He said he is coming to save me, floods are getting higher in my area and maybe I would like to stay in his place. I said okay, and then we waded in flood waters, OMG! He was holding my hand coz I might get swept away by the current. He’s playing my hero and I was just nonchalant, what the hell is wrong with me? LOL!

When we got to his apartment, he gave me a bathrobe and asked if I wanted something to eat. I said I like something warm but please do not expect me to cook because I cannot cook to save my life. Changmin just grinned at me and said he is cooking then. I curled up on his couch and tweeted while waiting for my food but I cannot remember tweeting that I am with Shim Changmin at that moment. He got me chicken soup and peppermint tea (and that was what I had for my very late dinner last night XD) and then we watched movies until the morning.

Came morning, Changmin woke me up and said, “I am taking you back home after breakfast. I would love to stay here all day but I am leaving for Japan.” I changed back to dried clothes and I do not know why I have clothes in Changmin’s closet, hahaha! He took me home in his red Cayenne. (My gawd, why Cayenne?!) He asked me what can he bring me when he comes back from Japan and I said, “A TVXQ CD.” LOL!


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