Rest In Peace, Neil Armstrong



Why is the death of Neil Armstrong making me teary eyed? Of course, I have read about him and hear stories about his moon conquest when I was a kid, but it was not until I was in the sixth grade, studying my Social Studies Geography, that I became jealous of this man. The man who has seen a much wider scope of God’s wonderful creation with his own eyes. I was like, “I want to see it too! I want to walk on the moon, I want to see the earth from space, I want I want I want!” I love it because he acknowledged a God that created all those wonderful things he has seen in space.

Thank you, Mr. Armstrong, for showing that even the most impossible dreams can be reached. You’re an inspiration, and still, I am jealous of you. ^^



Reasons Why I Am NOT a Good Fangirl

I cannot stand the spazzes. 

• I do not squeal over the same old thing over again and again. There are a few exceptions, like TVXQ’s SHE, which I cannot help but grin whenever I hear it, but most of the time, I am just like read/see something -> spazz -> save -> move on. The next time I see it, it is just any normal thing to me.

• I lurve-bash my idols. Be it there choice of clothing up to how their toes look like, LOL! I am sorry, but that means I just like them to make small things like that matter, right?

• I do not watch their dramas. Except Sungkyunkwan Scandal, OMG, Yucheon is so much my love there.

• I do not save ALL their pics, like panic saving 50G worth of pics! I dunno what to do with them after all. The same thing also goes to downloading all the videos to their shows, concerts, tours, and omg, commercial ads.

• I do not want them to come to my country to have a concert.

• Even if they are coming, I am not going to watch them either. And then what? Die with frustration that I cannot even talk to them? No, kthxbye.

• I am not interested in watching their concert tour videos, unless it is five of them.

• I do not feel the need or want to buy every album, magazine, photobook, etc. I even regret buying one of their albums because the photobook is printed on a cheap glossy paper and low quality pictures. For my standard.

• I seldom analyse their interviews.

But this does not mean that I do not love them. I do, just in a not so conventional ways.

Shim Dreams


Okay, about my dream.

Changmin just came into our house and then he looked for me. I went downstairs and asked him, “Why are you here? What do you want?” LOL, yeah, even in dreams I do not get starstruck. He said he is coming to save me, floods are getting higher in my area and maybe I would like to stay in his place. I said okay, and then we waded in flood waters, OMG! He was holding my hand coz I might get swept away by the current. He’s playing my hero and I was just nonchalant, what the hell is wrong with me? LOL!

When we got to his apartment, he gave me a bathrobe and asked if I wanted something to eat. I said I like something warm but please do not expect me to cook because I cannot cook to save my life. Changmin just grinned at me and said he is cooking then. I curled up on his couch and tweeted while waiting for my food but I cannot remember tweeting that I am with Shim Changmin at that moment. He got me chicken soup and peppermint tea (and that was what I had for my very late dinner last night XD) and then we watched movies until the morning.

Came morning, Changmin woke me up and said, “I am taking you back home after breakfast. I would love to stay here all day but I am leaving for Japan.” I changed back to dried clothes and I do not know why I have clothes in Changmin’s closet, hahaha! He took me home in his red Cayenne. (My gawd, why Cayenne?!) He asked me what can he bring me when he comes back from Japan and I said, “A TVXQ CD.” LOL!