Page 117 of 366: Just a Bunch of Rants Here and There

Page 117

I dunno if Meowth is relevant to this post but I want him to be my main image so I am putting him up here. Is he not the cutest, right?

I know this is a post of rants relevant to me and most probably irrelevant to you, and I am probably rambling nonsense later on but I am on a verbal diarrhoea right now so … So what? Prettifying this as much as possible, because my rants are and should be pretty.  ^^

I wish people especially in my hawt country would be considerate enuff to take a bath EVERYDAY at least two times, wear deodorant, and change clothes for the love of my olfactory nerves! My gawd, SMELL POLLUTION is no funny thing, baby. Especially if you are a guy. Especially if you are wearing sleeveless shirts. Especially if you are riding a public transportation vehicle. Especially if you have all your armpit hair exposed for public viewing and everybody’s covering their noses because you smell just so yuck.

What is this commotion about Changmin kissing Yun to the Ho during the last leg of their TONE concert? The HoMin stans all go gaga over it, really? *raises brow* I refrain from commenting on it because I have not seen any pictures, videos or any form of evidence of it but oh my gawd! Even for the love of shounen ai, I cannot even imagine Changmin hitting on Yunho! They are always the father-son/hyung-dongsaeng pair in my mind, and they will remain that way till death do us part. I dunno if these HoMin got dropped on the head or something because with that one harmless kiss, they were all HOMIN IS REAL. Yeah, as real as Rudolph. I should be posting this part in Yunho & Jaejung. blog, hahaha!

I think they are cute, and seeing Changmin being affectionate that way to his hyung is a rarity, considering him being the evil maknae, but then, considering how overwhelming things have been for them for their last days of concerts, I take this as his hyung appreciation act. My gawd, if I were Changmin, I would do the same too. Considering the burden my hyung has been carrying and for being strong for the two of them. I think that gesture speaks a lot of Changmin’s feeling, and not anyway romantic. Oh gawd, I do not think Yunho would react that way if it was Jaejung. But then, delusions exist and stupid just milk on it.

Gawd, if Changmin could air kiss Kyuhyun, (yuck, sorry, I have to strike out the name because I am NOT REALLY FOND OF THE GUY IN A BIG WAY), Yunho hyung deserves a kiss too.

These China versus Philippines issue got me all riled up. I just read in the news this morning that aside from Spratley Islands and Scarborough Shoal, they are claiming the Reed Reef! What the fuck, China? Are you trying to claim the whole Philippines soon? Their geographical sense must be totally fucked up. What, the whole of South China Sea are theirs? They might as well claim the China Town in Binondo.

Gotta go now!

Love, peace and deodorants for the smelly people!

xxx, kara


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