Page 111 of 366: FABER-CASTEL BROADPEN 1554

Page 111

Every time I attempt to make a pen blog, which I promised my friend, Nina, I ended up not knowing what to write – considering how I tweet about it a lot, hahaha! I dunno, maybe I just dunno what to write because I am just used to squeeing about them only. Anyway, here’s a poor attempt.


Awww, are they not so cute and colourful like jellybeans? I fell in love at first sight and write when I saw them at the store, and I panicked bought all colours . (Upon checking out the website of Faber-Castel, it seems like I don’t have the black one, but it is okay. Very basic colour I can do without.) It writes with a 0.8 tip, pen writes smoothly or moves easily on paper and the fibre tip does not feather. Plus, it does not give off that awful ink smell some pens do.

This is quite expensive though. Each pen costs PhP 52.00 pesos each, so imagine how happy, excited, and worried I was at the same time, hahaha! But no! I have to have them, so I just closed my eyes when I handed my bank card to the cashier when I paid for these dear babies.

As per Cult Pens, the colour green has been discontinued. I wonder if the discontinued shade is the one I have or something else.

So, what did I used them for? See my awesome masterpiece, hahaha! Hey, Summer and Rein loves this to death.

My awesome masterpiece! ♥

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