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My dear Park Minyeong,

You know I have fallen in love with you since Sungkyunkwan Scandal, and yes, even though there were haters abound,  I do not give a fuck about them since I know that you cannot please all men – and women, especially the jealous and bitter ones.

Last night, I read some tweets about you in Twitter and then I learned that you are being considered to be a part of Kim Jaejung’s drama, Dr. Jin. You know how fangirls are, right? I bet, since you have been paired with Park Yucheon in Sungkyunkwan Scandal, and I really really thing you looked so good together and maybe you should just have hooked up with him to spite the fangirls, well, the mentals ones at that, but then that is just me. They are kind of possessive with their oppas, to the point that they raised hell whenever their oppa is doing a drama, plus if said oppa is going to be paired with a pretty girl like you. Gaaah, jealous cards are being thrown your way, right? They would rather have their oppa paired to some older looking nuna, argh. Look at Chunnie now.

Bottom line is, they wanted the less pretty girl for their oppa’s partner as to lessen the possibility of falling for the pretty girl. Why? Because they have this delusion that their oppas belong to them only and not to any pretty actresses whom they cannot compare with. Sad truth is, they do not own their oppa, just the television set where oppa appears. Well, you can relate with that too, right? City Hunter?You broke my heart with that, you know that, and I am sorry to tell you, that I was happy when you split up. I am such a bad fan, maybe a little bit guilty for being mental at times, but for reasons that I want you to be with Lee Sunjoon and not City Hunter oppa. I was still too caught up with my SKKS OTP.

Well, unfortunately for them, all they can do is bitch and whine and complain and flip tables, cars, vans, and say all sorts of ugly stuff about you, and you will still be kissing the handsome and hot oppa. Hah! Sweet revenge, ain’t it? It won’t even matter if they say that they would not be watching your drama since only Korean audience matters in the ratings. Plus, some of oppa’s die hard worshippers will still watch the drama, even for the sake of their oppa. Ratings does not say that if audience would close their eyes so they can’t see the other actors in the drama would affect the ratings, right? Whatever it is, the mental fangirls are still at the losing end.

Some say that you were always paired up with the handsome oppas – G-Dragon, Lee Minho, Park Yucheon, and now Kim Jaejung. Sooo? As if it was your fault, right? Maybe if these girls would work their arses hard and rake tonnes of money, they can buy their oppas and pair them with their pathetic selves. Maybe they will be happy if you are going to be paired with William Hung. I say, a pretty girl like should be paired with some hotshot. I approve.

I even have these. Hahaha! Mentals go potate, you and Kim Jaejung have a “past acquaintance” to start with. And as if you have a chance with Kim Jaejung, when it is a common fact that he only have the hots for a certain band leader, and that is one tough competition. I dunno why they still make a fuss over it, right?

Some say that why is it you again on the drama, that you are everywhere. Well, you are not a hermit, exactly, right? Of course, as an actress, you have to market yourself around, and more exposures mean more people are trusting and believing in your skills and capability. They trust you enough to endorse their products and services.

Some say that they hate/do not like you just because. Well, you don’t know them, you don’t even care about their existence, so it’s fine, well, thankyouverymuch, right? Again, they are at the losing end because they are the ones harbouring ill feelings towards you and you don’t even know about it. Hahaha! Defeats the purpose of hating, right?

Well, girl, just go on doing what you do best, and I’ll ward off the evil spirits away from you, mkay?

Your idol forever,
kara xxx


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