Page 107 of 366: My Recent Most Hated Words

Page 107

Warning: RANTING.

I love words, there is no question about that. Without words, I won’t be able to convey my thoughts and emotions, no matter how topsy turvy they are sometimes. Without words, I will remain trapped in this cruel world and not escape to those wonderful worlds created by words and imaginations.

But there are words that I detest the more I read of them, or maybe it is just the excessive usage and/or misuse of them that irks me. Note that this is just my personal issue and has nothing to do with the person(s) using them (okay, maybe, at times, hahaha!). Gawd, I must be really pathetic having issue with these non-animate things.

Here ya go!

Korean expressions, such as omo/omona, aigoo, aish, kyaaaa, and ne. – My gawd, I get smokes in my ears whenever I hear these Hangeul expressions, hahaha! They sound like they are old people expressions, except for kyaaaa and ne. I heard these a lot in Korean sageuk dramas and always associate with the oldies wearing the traditional hanbok and a tonne of headdress. Kyaaa (an expression for squeeing) and ne used within an English sentence by a non-Korean speaker pisses me off. Can you can squee and agree over something using the common English expressions, since you are talking in English? For me, it makes you sound like a wannabe. Also the kekekeke, gawd, so your laughing was also Koreanised? The thing is, there are some words that are best left to Koreans alone.

P.S. Wae is an exemption. I love wae!

Misuse of famous and infamous. – The misuse of these words makes me piss off each time I read them in a fanfic, blog or tweets. But they bring me oh so much joy when they are used correctly. I dunno, famous is a much famous word compared to infamous, but why some writers insist on using the latter rather than the former, when they don’t even know the difference between the two words. This is not a matter of being synonymous, do they realise that? Case in point, in some fics when describing Jaejung: He was enamoured with the guy with a pair of infamous doe eyes. What is so wrong with having a pair of doe eyes? I do not think there is anything negative about it. That is what infamous connotes – widely known in a negative sense. I hope they are taking notes from my rants.

Umpteenth. – I hate reading a sentence where the word umpteenth is used umpteenth times. I label this as a retard word. Umpteenth, umpteenth, umpteenth. Grrrr. There is no salvation for this word for me, not even if I will be reading this for the umpteenth time in the very near future. *rolls eyes*

Bottomline is, unless you are a true blue Korean, do not use these expressions on me. I still prefer my aww’s, eeeeeee’s, haha’s, argh’s and yeah’s and my favourite infamous haaay nakow Filipino expression. Yes, I could tell you that for the umpteenth time.


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