Page 104 of 366: Why Korean Dramas Fail To Bait Me Lately

page 104

One thing is for sure. I can never have a Korean drama raving blogsite.

Case in point: Rooftop Prince.

No doubt about it, I love Yucheon. I adore Yucheon, and I can say that of all the five guys of TVXQ, he is the one who has the most potential in the acting scene. So why now I am giving up on my dear Chunnie’s Rooftop Prince?

Even way before this drama has started airing, I am already whining and complaining about Yucheon’s pair – that she is like nuna material more than a girlfriend, that she looks older than him, that I do not see any chemistry between them, that I wish it were a different girl instead *coughcoughparkminyeongcoughcough*, and all other reasons that fans might find absurd but hey, I can’t help how I feel, right?

But I think it is more than that. I think it has something to do with the whole Korean drama packaging as a whole.  I may be excited over the upcoming dramas, but after the first few episodes, the interest just died down. Why? Maybe I need more than just a funny and cute storyline. Maybe I need more than just cute actors whose faces are still flawless despite the accidents they met along the way. Maybe I need more than just the cliche boy-meets-girl-girl-meets-boy-they-fell-in-love-something-happened-but-love-prevailed-in-the-end plots. My gawd, even the fanfictions I have read have more interesting and different kind of plots, they should learn from the fangirl writers. I dunno, it’s just that the recent dramas failed to bait me the way Goong, Shining Inheritance and my ever beloved Sungkyunkwan Scandal did.

Also, I realised that if I don’t like the main pairing, my interest in the said drama would just fizzle. But of course, how would I enjoy watching it when every minute I see the not-so-made-in-heaven couple, I squirm and smirk? It ruins the viewing pleasure for me. Why do they keep on pairing Chunnie with nunas, by the way? Give him Park Minyeong back! *sobs in the corner* Of course, I know that it is part of his acting skill growth, to act with different actresses but please, we are not talking of age growth here. I know, maybe I am just too hard to please after all, seeing as there are lots of fangirls squeeing how cute they are, they look so cute together, wishing they were real, yes, they are real what the fuck!

/still waiting for that drama that would totally throw me over the edge and beyond and send me to looney land tralala again.


6 thoughts on “Page 104 of 366: Why Korean Dramas Fail To Bait Me Lately

  1. Merong: I love Seunggi too, it is just being paired with Ha Jiwon just turned me off, like the way Yucheon was paired with Jimin nuna, hahaha! I don’t have the same tolerance level as you, and they just can’t bait me with the cutesy stuff.

    1. What kind of genre is that? I was actually thinking of watching Equator Man – all my favourite boys and men were there it is like a customised drama for me, hahaha! – but there were no English subs available yet. /sad

    1. I do not like Ha Jiwon. Secret Garden ruined her for me, though she is a good actress. Many people think that Secret Garden is cute and funny but I am just irritated with Ha Jiwon’s character there – the naggy, temperate one.

      1. i don’t like Hajiwon either,,but since it’s Seunggi’s drama too i’m bearing with it.LOL..The drama has very interesting story line and actors and actresses my opinion Hajiwon is the reason for the low rating the drama has now..LOL..peace y’all!

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