Page 117 of 366: Just a Bunch of Rants Here and There

Page 117

I dunno if Meowth is relevant to this post but I want him to be my main image so I am putting him up here. Is he not the cutest, right?

I know this is a post of rants relevant to me and most probably irrelevant to you, and I am probably rambling nonsense later on but I am on a verbal diarrhoea right now so … So what? Prettifying this as much as possible, because my rants are and should be pretty.  ^^

I wish people especially in my hawt country would be considerate enuff to take a bath EVERYDAY at least two times, wear deodorant, and change clothes for the love of my olfactory nerves! My gawd, SMELL POLLUTION is no funny thing, baby. Especially if you are a guy. Especially if you are wearing sleeveless shirts. Especially if you are riding a public transportation vehicle. Especially if you have all your armpit hair exposed for public viewing and everybody’s covering their noses because you smell just so yuck.

What is this commotion about Changmin kissing Yun to the Ho during the last leg of their TONE concert? The HoMin stans all go gaga over it, really? *raises brow* I refrain from commenting on it because I have not seen any pictures, videos or any form of evidence of it but oh my gawd! Even for the love of shounen ai, I cannot even imagine Changmin hitting on Yunho! They are always the father-son/hyung-dongsaeng pair in my mind, and they will remain that way till death do us part. I dunno if these HoMin got dropped on the head or something because with that one harmless kiss, they were all HOMIN IS REAL. Yeah, as real as Rudolph. I should be posting this part in Yunho & Jaejung. blog, hahaha!

I think they are cute, and seeing Changmin being affectionate that way to his hyung is a rarity, considering him being the evil maknae, but then, considering how overwhelming things have been for them for their last days of concerts, I take this as his hyung appreciation act. My gawd, if I were Changmin, I would do the same too. Considering the burden my hyung has been carrying and for being strong for the two of them. I think that gesture speaks a lot of Changmin’s feeling, and not anyway romantic. Oh gawd, I do not think Yunho would react that way if it was Jaejung. But then, delusions exist and stupid just milk on it.

Gawd, if Changmin could air kiss Kyuhyun, (yuck, sorry, I have to strike out the name because I am NOT REALLY FOND OF THE GUY IN A BIG WAY), Yunho hyung deserves a kiss too.

These China versus Philippines issue got me all riled up. I just read in the news this morning that aside from Spratley Islands and Scarborough Shoal, they are claiming the Reed Reef! What the fuck, China? Are you trying to claim the whole Philippines soon? Their geographical sense must be totally fucked up. What, the whole of South China Sea are theirs? They might as well claim the China Town in Binondo.

Gotta go now!

Love, peace and deodorants for the smelly people!

xxx, kara


Page 116 of 366: Of Being Single and Happy

Page 116

My friend, Lara, for all the mindfucking things she could to me, this one really had me blown. She is getting married and I do not even have an idea that she had a serious boyfriend! Makes me want to strangle her for giving me a heart attack, at the same time hug her to bits because I am happy for her.

Makes me think back to my younger days, when all the dreams I had include marrying the man I love, have children, raising a family with him, and being happy together for the rest of our lives. Ain’t that sweet? When everything seems to barf rainbows and butterflies and your world can never be anything bad because you are in love. Nice scenario. Yes, I have has that phase in me when all I did was to be in this dream state, as if it is the only end goal of my life.

But love is not always rainbows and butterflies and cotton candies. Somewhere along the way, monsters would appear and try to rip your heart apart. Some survived, some do not. Apparently I lost the heart I held dear with my both hands.

That’s part of the cycle, you say. Yes, I do understand that, but after being in that cycle for a few times, the heart do gets tired too. Maybe it was broken badly the last time that it just wants to be left alone for a while. For a long while.

This is the first time I am writing about this, and I hope you don’t find me weird or I hope *crossing my fingers* I am not weirding myself out too. In the process of healing a broken heart before, I have learned to escape. Escape to the things new to me, escape to where the mem0ries of a lost love can never reach me, escape to trying out new stuff, escape escape escape. I just cannot let my heart get even scratched, no no no.

While escaping, I realised that there is much more out there in the world that I want to explore. There are dreams in my heart that I can reach. Some things that I can enjoy – just being single.

It is not that I do hate men; they just do not affect me the way they used to when I was younger. I am not a man hater, right? I had one crush a few years back and we were good friends (because his aunt finds me her favourite and she wanted me to hook up with him, oh my gawd!) and while ghost of rainbows and butterflies appeared, I knew that monsters were around too. You can never just have the good side. And I was right, he has a girl. But I was not hurt, really. My heart’s been buffered in a way.

I got girl friends who are getting paranoid of being older and loveless. I don’t. I am just making the most of whatever the day brings me, yeah, even with my rants. They are just stressing out themselves over something that one does not have any control over. I do not worry, I am just being happy and dream of the things I want to do: travel, learning new languages, read, write, indulge myself with my obsession over notebooks, pens, books, makeup and some other cutesy stuff. I let myself fangirl over these hot Korean men and not be ashamed of it because, heller! I am single. It is such a big turn off to see a mother of three squealing over a hot guy half her age – and size at times, haha! I do not think I can do these or some of these things if I were a married woman with kids. Maybe instead of thinking which pair of false lashes I am going to buy, I might be making major infant milk decisions. Instead of notebooks and pens, I am hovering over diapers and baby food. Not that those were bad things, I like buying baby stuff for my sister’s kids, but to do it out of obligation, argh. I am only obliged to my reads and pens.

Some think that single women are sad and lonely people. Well, I beg to differ. Now let’s go partaaaaaay!

Page 111 of 366: FABER-CASTEL BROADPEN 1554

Page 111

Every time I attempt to make a pen blog, which I promised my friend, Nina, I ended up not knowing what to write – considering how I tweet about it a lot, hahaha! I dunno, maybe I just dunno what to write because I am just used to squeeing about them only. Anyway, here’s a poor attempt.


Awww, are they not so cute and colourful like jellybeans? I fell in love at first sight and write when I saw them at the store, and I panicked bought all colours . (Upon checking out the website of Faber-Castel, it seems like I don’t have the black one, but it is okay. Very basic colour I can do without.) It writes with a 0.8 tip, pen writes smoothly or moves easily on paper and the fibre tip does not feather. Plus, it does not give off that awful ink smell some pens do.

This is quite expensive though. Each pen costs PhP 52.00 pesos each, so imagine how happy, excited, and worried I was at the same time, hahaha! But no! I have to have them, so I just closed my eyes when I handed my bank card to the cashier when I paid for these dear babies.

As per Cult Pens, the colour green has been discontinued. I wonder if the discontinued shade is the one I have or something else.

So, what did I used them for? See my awesome masterpiece, hahaha! Hey, Summer and Rein loves this to death.

My awesome masterpiece! ♥

Page 110 of 366: My Dear Park Minyeong…

Page 110

My dear Park Minyeong,

You know I have fallen in love with you since Sungkyunkwan Scandal, and yes, even though there were haters abound,  I do not give a fuck about them since I know that you cannot please all men – and women, especially the jealous and bitter ones.

Last night, I read some tweets about you in Twitter and then I learned that you are being considered to be a part of Kim Jaejung’s drama, Dr. Jin. You know how fangirls are, right? I bet, since you have been paired with Park Yucheon in Sungkyunkwan Scandal, and I really really thing you looked so good together and maybe you should just have hooked up with him to spite the fangirls, well, the mentals ones at that, but then that is just me. They are kind of possessive with their oppas, to the point that they raised hell whenever their oppa is doing a drama, plus if said oppa is going to be paired with a pretty girl like you. Gaaah, jealous cards are being thrown your way, right? They would rather have their oppa paired to some older looking nuna, argh. Look at Chunnie now.

Bottom line is, they wanted the less pretty girl for their oppa’s partner as to lessen the possibility of falling for the pretty girl. Why? Because they have this delusion that their oppas belong to them only and not to any pretty actresses whom they cannot compare with. Sad truth is, they do not own their oppa, just the television set where oppa appears. Well, you can relate with that too, right? City Hunter?You broke my heart with that, you know that, and I am sorry to tell you, that I was happy when you split up. I am such a bad fan, maybe a little bit guilty for being mental at times, but for reasons that I want you to be with Lee Sunjoon and not City Hunter oppa. I was still too caught up with my SKKS OTP.

Well, unfortunately for them, all they can do is bitch and whine and complain and flip tables, cars, vans, and say all sorts of ugly stuff about you, and you will still be kissing the handsome and hot oppa. Hah! Sweet revenge, ain’t it? It won’t even matter if they say that they would not be watching your drama since only Korean audience matters in the ratings. Plus, some of oppa’s die hard worshippers will still watch the drama, even for the sake of their oppa. Ratings does not say that if audience would close their eyes so they can’t see the other actors in the drama would affect the ratings, right? Whatever it is, the mental fangirls are still at the losing end.

Some say that you were always paired up with the handsome oppas – G-Dragon, Lee Minho, Park Yucheon, and now Kim Jaejung. Sooo? As if it was your fault, right? Maybe if these girls would work their arses hard and rake tonnes of money, they can buy their oppas and pair them with their pathetic selves. Maybe they will be happy if you are going to be paired with William Hung. I say, a pretty girl like should be paired with some hotshot. I approve.

I even have these. Hahaha! Mentals go potate, you and Kim Jaejung have a “past acquaintance” to start with. And as if you have a chance with Kim Jaejung, when it is a common fact that he only have the hots for a certain band leader, and that is one tough competition. I dunno why they still make a fuss over it, right?

Some say that why is it you again on the drama, that you are everywhere. Well, you are not a hermit, exactly, right? Of course, as an actress, you have to market yourself around, and more exposures mean more people are trusting and believing in your skills and capability. They trust you enough to endorse their products and services.

Some say that they hate/do not like you just because. Well, you don’t know them, you don’t even care about their existence, so it’s fine, well, thankyouverymuch, right? Again, they are at the losing end because they are the ones harbouring ill feelings towards you and you don’t even know about it. Hahaha! Defeats the purpose of hating, right?

Well, girl, just go on doing what you do best, and I’ll ward off the evil spirits away from you, mkay?

Your idol forever,
kara xxx

Page 107 of 366: My Recent Most Hated Words

Page 107

Warning: RANTING.

I love words, there is no question about that. Without words, I won’t be able to convey my thoughts and emotions, no matter how topsy turvy they are sometimes. Without words, I will remain trapped in this cruel world and not escape to those wonderful worlds created by words and imaginations.

But there are words that I detest the more I read of them, or maybe it is just the excessive usage and/or misuse of them that irks me. Note that this is just my personal issue and has nothing to do with the person(s) using them (okay, maybe, at times, hahaha!). Gawd, I must be really pathetic having issue with these non-animate things.

Here ya go!

Korean expressions, such as omo/omona, aigoo, aish, kyaaaa, and ne. – My gawd, I get smokes in my ears whenever I hear these Hangeul expressions, hahaha! They sound like they are old people expressions, except for kyaaaa and ne. I heard these a lot in Korean sageuk dramas and always associate with the oldies wearing the traditional hanbok and a tonne of headdress. Kyaaa (an expression for squeeing) and ne used within an English sentence by a non-Korean speaker pisses me off. Can you can squee and agree over something using the common English expressions, since you are talking in English? For me, it makes you sound like a wannabe. Also the kekekeke, gawd, so your laughing was also Koreanised? The thing is, there are some words that are best left to Koreans alone.

P.S. Wae is an exemption. I love wae!

Misuse of famous and infamous. – The misuse of these words makes me piss off each time I read them in a fanfic, blog or tweets. But they bring me oh so much joy when they are used correctly. I dunno, famous is a much famous word compared to infamous, but why some writers insist on using the latter rather than the former, when they don’t even know the difference between the two words. This is not a matter of being synonymous, do they realise that? Case in point, in some fics when describing Jaejung: He was enamoured with the guy with a pair of infamous doe eyes. What is so wrong with having a pair of doe eyes? I do not think there is anything negative about it. That is what infamous connotes – widely known in a negative sense. I hope they are taking notes from my rants.

Umpteenth. – I hate reading a sentence where the word umpteenth is used umpteenth times. I label this as a retard word. Umpteenth, umpteenth, umpteenth. Grrrr. There is no salvation for this word for me, not even if I will be reading this for the umpteenth time in the very near future. *rolls eyes*

Bottomline is, unless you are a true blue Korean, do not use these expressions on me. I still prefer my aww’s, eeeeeee’s, haha’s, argh’s and yeah’s and my favourite infamous haaay nakow Filipino expression. Yes, I could tell you that for the umpteenth time.

Page 107 of 366: Bipolar Emotions

Page 107

My emotions right now. I am having an emotional hemorrhage.

This is also known as PMS-ing. Or I hope so.

I have so much emotions feeling at the same today I just dunno whether I should be jumping up and down with joy or just curl myself in the corner and forced my tear ducts to shed liquid just to let whatever this is I am feeling out of my system.

Does anyone else feel like this before?

This is not good, I tell you. One moment I was fangirling and squeeing and grinning like an idiot to my heart’s delight, thanks to my K-Pop boys, you know who they are, and then the next I was feeling sad and on the verge of tears for no particular and all the particular reasons there is.

I hate this.

Page 104 of 366: Why Korean Dramas Fail To Bait Me Lately

page 104

One thing is for sure. I can never have a Korean drama raving blogsite.

Case in point: Rooftop Prince.

No doubt about it, I love Yucheon. I adore Yucheon, and I can say that of all the five guys of TVXQ, he is the one who has the most potential in the acting scene. So why now I am giving up on my dear Chunnie’s Rooftop Prince?

Even way before this drama has started airing, I am already whining and complaining about Yucheon’s pair – that she is like nuna material more than a girlfriend, that she looks older than him, that I do not see any chemistry between them, that I wish it were a different girl instead *coughcoughparkminyeongcoughcough*, and all other reasons that fans might find absurd but hey, I can’t help how I feel, right?

But I think it is more than that. I think it has something to do with the whole Korean drama packaging as a whole.  I may be excited over the upcoming dramas, but after the first few episodes, the interest just died down. Why? Maybe I need more than just a funny and cute storyline. Maybe I need more than just cute actors whose faces are still flawless despite the accidents they met along the way. Maybe I need more than just the cliche boy-meets-girl-girl-meets-boy-they-fell-in-love-something-happened-but-love-prevailed-in-the-end plots. My gawd, even the fanfictions I have read have more interesting and different kind of plots, they should learn from the fangirl writers. I dunno, it’s just that the recent dramas failed to bait me the way Goong, Shining Inheritance and my ever beloved Sungkyunkwan Scandal did.

Also, I realised that if I don’t like the main pairing, my interest in the said drama would just fizzle. But of course, how would I enjoy watching it when every minute I see the not-so-made-in-heaven couple, I squirm and smirk? It ruins the viewing pleasure for me. Why do they keep on pairing Chunnie with nunas, by the way? Give him Park Minyeong back! *sobs in the corner* Of course, I know that it is part of his acting skill growth, to act with different actresses but please, we are not talking of age growth here. I know, maybe I am just too hard to please after all, seeing as there are lots of fangirls squeeing how cute they are, they look so cute together, wishing they were real, yes, they are real what the fuck!

/still waiting for that drama that would totally throw me over the edge and beyond and send me to looney land tralala again.