Page 87 of 366: My Fanboy of a Brother

page 87

My brother is a fanboy. Put the blame on me.

He can’t help it. In his current environment, it would be a miracle if he is not exposed to massive fangirling and foreign sounding playlist playing all day. Sometimes he surprises me with his questions: “How tall is Shim Changmin?” “Why does not Shindong go on a diet?” “What shampoo does Ryeowook use? His hair just goes back in place.”

Though he just copies me most of the time, he does have his own share of favourites. Shim Changmin of TVXQ, Minho and Taemin of SHINee, and Leeteuk and Shindong of Super Junior. He does not like any girl groups, except for 2NE1, because they dance like “awesome badasses”, hahaha!

He likes Shim Changmin because the guy eats a lot. If Changmin would consider you to be his god if you feed him food, then my brother considers him as his role model for monstrous appetite. He doesn’t care about Changmin’s power vocals or dancing skills – it’s the appetite that matters. He even told me, “If I can have another name, I want to be called Shem Changmin.” His name is Shem.

He likes Choi Minho because the guy reminds him of a friend during grade school days who has a similarity with Mr. Bean. Wha?! Taemin, because in the Hello music video, he “draws” very good. I dunno if in real life, Taemin draws good.

I showed him this pic of SHINee’s Sherlock  in my iPod last Sunday. “Look at SHINee’s new album cover,” said I. He immediately asked where Taemin is, and I pointed the guy to him, and he was like, “TAEMIN IS A GIRL?!” I was laughing out loud at the horrific look on his face, hahaha! It’s like the world has crushed down on him. Then he looked for Minho, he said, “Why do they look like drag queens now? I like Minho being cool in the Hello music video, jumping out of the topdown car like that. I do not like them anymore.”

Errr, sorry to break it to you, SHINee boys, but you have lost that shine to my fanboy of a brother.

I asked him, “Well, if you do not like SHINee anymore, then who do you like now?” He answered, “Changmin. Just Shim Changmin only.”

A brother after my own heart – TVXQwise.

He may be fanboying over these boys and girls with reasons completely non-K-pop related, but at the end of the day, he still digs out his Linkin Park.

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