“Hi, Shinhwa! Nice To Meet You!”

So, I have heard of Shinhwa. In the world of K-Pop, you can never do without Shinhwa. But I have never heard any of their songs, never have seen any single music video, do not know their names except Eric because that is just so easy to remember. I just heard of the collective name Shinhwa.

Talks were, they are having a comeback. K-Pop fans were having a heyday, the legends are coming back. Me, growing up with the Western music influence, have no idea what the hullabaloo was all about. So they were the ancient boy band, so what?

My curiosity got the best of me (I am telling you, one of these days, my curiosity will be the death of me.) and I downloaded Shinhwa’s The Return album. My Twitter friend has been spazzing about it for a few days already, and she kinda shares some interest in me so I gave it a try. Who know, I might like it.

And I did! Oh gawd, they sound soooo good! When I first heard of Be My Love, I feel like I was thrown back into the 80’s again (doesn’t mean I am old, mkay? I just have music awareness at a very young age then.) with the disco-retro feel. Boy, did I not feel any regrets downloading this, and if there’s a legal copy of it around here (ooops!), I would certainly buy it.

But I am not yet going to watch their old shows, music videos, etc. Not even their recent comeback concert. I am scared, hahaha, I am scared I might like them too much and I would end up being sucked into the quicksand of a new fandom. TVXQ is already a handful for me, hahaha!

Well, Shinhwa, nice meeting you!


4 thoughts on ““Hi, Shinhwa! Nice To Meet You!”

  1. yuhuuuuu, kara. long time no see!!

    WOW!!!! awesome…. daebak!!! indeed you’re soooooo right to get to know the original legend of KPop, Shinhwa!!! my very first KPop idol is Shinhwa and until now they still have special place in my heart!! plus i’m not knowing them from their debut year (only get to know them on 7th album Brand New in 2006), but i’m happy for being one of Shinhwa Changjo! you should start to watch their music video. my recommendation? Brand New, Angel, Crazy, Throw My Fist, Run, Young Gunz, the currect Venus, etc etc… and Shinhwa in variety show?? FREAKING HILARIOUS!! try google at youtube for them in X-Man! and their own current variety show; Shinhwa Bradcast is totally worth to watch!! i tell you, they’re never change!

    okay, enough with spamming & spazzing here. till we meet again… :))

    1. Hi back! Sorry for my poor memory, but I don’t seem to remember you, I am very much sorry. Care to refresh my memory please? I am so embarrassed asking you this but I really would love to know.

      They are really good, and yeah, I think I need to watch their own videos and varieties. Maybe they could temporarily cure my heart from missing TVXQ so much.

      1. Nah, it’s okay if you are not remember me! well, i’m just some random k-drama&k-pop freak that used to email you to request the passwords for TMTETS translation! 🙂

        Please do watching and enjoying their performances & variety shows even the quality of the videos is not as good as nowadays!! i can guarantee you that you will never regret to get to know them! ^^

        I wanna share something about them with you. do enjoy read it 🙂 http://www.soompi.com/forums/topic/123656-the-chronicle-of-the-everlasting-friendship-updated-3242008/

      2. Oh, okay. I thought you were someone I was talking to way back then, because the username does not really ring a bell, sorry for that.

        You are such a fan! Hahaha! Okay, I will be saving that for later, thank you so much for the link!

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