[Drama Rambles] Rooftop Prince Episode 1

This post has been way long overdue, hehehe!

I hate writing about something very late because I tend to forgot the important points of the drama and this is not a recap, because I suck in doing that, and if I do I tend to be very emotional and biased and you will end up reading recaps full of squee.

Okay, so the first five minutes of this drama got me shedding tears. OMG, Chunnie, what are you doing to my heart? When did you become so gooooood? You were shedding tears also in my beloved Sungkyunkwan Scandal but you never get to me the way you did in Rooftop Prince. Sigh. You have improved a lot, my dear, I am so proud of you. *sniffles tears of joy*

The time jump got me confused at first, with what Chunnie being the Crown Prince (I still can’t remember his name, I call him Crown Prince Chunnie, hehehe! Always happens to me during the first episodes of the drama.) all grown up and then he became that cute little boy again, telling his father that he wanted a beautiful wife. Boys will always be boys, regardless of the period and the age. But he was soooo cute!

As much I want to hate the older sister for not being picked up to be the crowned princess, I kind of understand her jealousy. She was excited! It’s like preparing to have a grand debut ball only to be told later that she cannot have it because she has to give way to her little sister. I know I would be jealous too. I am going to send her death glares all my life.  But I would not do such things to my little sister, like burning her face with a hot little iron disguised as a shovel.

I like the younger sister too, with her being too excited for her older sister and her feeling bad for being chosen instead of her unni. I think she is just pure hearted, but there is nothing she can do in her situation. If there is, I think she would rather give the position to her unni. Somehow though, her trying to appease her sister doesn’t work and she ended up with an ugly scar on her face for the rest of her life. Awwww.

Now with the modern day step-sisters, I do not feel the least sympathy with the older one. What the fuck is her problem? She is just a jealous bitch right from the start, right from the minute she and her mother entered that ice cream parlor (or I would like to think of it as that) with a Nat King Cole Love Was Made For Me and You musical background (tee hee!) and demanding her mom to buy her that ice cream the little girl has.And what is it with her making the little girl cook noodles for herself? Stuffing goodies from the store into the little girl’s bag? Letting her sleep at the back of the truck and then just let her get lost from their lives forever? She deserves more than just being hit by a stick on the calves. She needs to be flagged. I hate the modern older sister, grrr.

Brains over beauty. Crown Prince Chunnie, that is what you should have been looking for in a wife. See? Your wife cannot sustain your attention as much as your sister-in-law. Well, at least she makes your heart flutter with her pretty smiles.  Twist of fate has made her your wife, but I think you will be much happier with a smart wife, which I think has beauty too,  inside and out.

I kinda lost my earlier sympathy with the older sister (aka the Crown Princess) here. Is it not enough that you hurt her when she was little, but to take credit also for the things she has done, like her embroidery?

Somewhere in the middle of this episode I got bored. I think boring stuff has to happen to establish the plot? And all this time jumping makes me lost my concentration for a bit, but I was back awake when the Joseon Power Rangers has gathered, hahaha! I just want to be done with all the drama and want the funny to start.

Awwww, this makes me miss this:

So, the four has a mission, and that is to find who is the culprit behind the Crown Princess’ death, despite being the court people trying to cockblock Crown Prince Chunnie’s want to deep investigate into the murder case.  Yes, obviously they are trying to hide something. So while they were on a mission, and it led them to an ambused with the attackers hot on their heels, they jumped on a cliff and into some time machine disguised as a full moon with a dark clouds.

I do not like the main lead girl, as Chunnie’s partner. Nothing personal like someone who used to be his partner in some ugh drama, but this already and clearly a nuna. Why can’t they choose someone younger or at least matched Chunnie in the looks department somehow. She acts cute and good, except for the fur raising “tometos orenge for sel” scene supposed to be in New York New York, which makes me cringe. Well, all her English lines make me cringe, and I am sorry, I have sensitive ears for that. It’s one thing hearing an accented English in a normal daily conversation, I am fine with that, but on that TV, ugh. Unless it is a Hollywood film with Jackie Chan in it and Asians have to speak with accented English to make it more legit. I am biased just like that.

Why can’t it be Park Minyeong? Huhuhuhu. Maybe somehow hopefully along the way into the drama, I will kind of like her more, but one thing’s foshure, I cannot ship him with Chun Chun. My gawd! I just can’t. It’s like Lee Min Ho and Son Ye Jin in Personal Preference. Ugh.

And so, the Joseon Power Rangers have escaped death (bows and arrows) and found themselves 300 years into the future, still facing danger in the form of a frying pan.

For full recap, here: Dramabean’s Rooftop Prince Episode 1
For drama download, here: Rooftop Prince Episode 1


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