Page 73 0f 366: Scandal of The Rooftop Prince and The Fashion King

Page 73

So I was out of circulation for a few days, been busy with work and all, plus I have nothing much to post here, though I have been scouring some TMTETS thread and found nothing new (well, translation wise, hehehe, though I hear there’s a network strike going on and the remaining episodes are shelved for the meantime?). I went back to the old Sungkyunkwan Scandal thread at Soompi, for the sake of just checking in and seeing how things were after 1.5 years – it’s like a homecoming to me, hee! – and I am glad that people were still posting there.

I learned that there is a Sungkyunkwan Scandal Soundtrack (Valentine Special Edition) released in Japan! Aaaaargh! Why did I just learned about this? And why do the Japanese always have the best editions? *sniffles*

From the info, it said that there are 2 CDs and 21 unreleased songs in this edition. Hmmm, been thinking. During the whole drama duration, there were not much songs played, so where did these 21 unreleased songs came from? If they mean the instrumental background music, well… I do have the ripped versions, and I am contented with those, so no need for me to shell out freaking $64 for instrumental music only, goodness! That is waaaay too expensive.

But do you think the album cover is quite better than the previous one? Yes. Again, damn them Japanese.

OMG, guess what? While I was scouring the net again for the illegal download site of the Sungkyunkwan Scandal Valentine Special Edition OST (Yes, I still can’t move on even though I have been brainwashing myself that it’s okay, I can live without it.), I found out that Lee Min Ho was in Sungkyunkwan Scandal too! OMG, why did I just realized it now? No, not The LEE MIN HO, but Lee Min Ho. Do I even make sense? The Lee Min Ho in The Moon That Embraces The Sun, shaaaaat!

Remember him? Now if you have realized that before I did, then good for you. You prolly think I am dense for not recognizing the boy, but hey! When you got Yucheon, Ah In and Joongki filling every pixel of your goddamn screen, you cannot help but stare and your neurons suddenly focusing on those eye candies alone. Even a friend who was a big fan of The Moon That Embraces The Sun failed to recognize him either. So, I am justified. *smug look*

No wonder he was close to Chunnie, because they have worked before. Word has it that he tweeted to Chunnie while the latter was having a concert in South America, even calling him Your Majesty, hahaha! How cute is that?

Why? Because he and Chunnie are in a drama together again! Yay for reunions! I am honestly excited for this, maybe because seeing Chunnie donning the hanbok and headdress again reminds me of Sungkyunkwan Scandal again (I know, I know, I always go back to that drama!) and it’s historical comedy so I expect a lot of Chunface in here.  (Why do I want to insert Yoo Ah In and Song Joongki in the pic above? I know!)

Rooftop Prince Trailers

Awwww, I sooooo cannot wait to watch it now! Please watch it and spazz with me? (I have to use my mighty morphine fantastic convincing powers on ya’ll!)

Not only His Majesty Chunnie has a new drama lately, but also Ah In. Sigh. I am so going to miss the scruffy look plus the goatee/mustache but still, he looks so goddamn hawt, yah? I think he looks best looking rugged. And wearing robes. And someone still can’t moved on over here, hahaha!

Fashion King Trailer

Rooftop Prince premieres this Wednesday, and Fashion King on … I dunno. Haha! Have to check the schedule again.


3 thoughts on “Page 73 0f 366: Scandal of The Rooftop Prince and The Fashion King

  1. about leeminho in SKK scandal i’m enough aware of it (coz when i see him, he just look like Super Junior Eunhyuk in ‘more handsome mode’ :P)
    so, when i watch moon sun i recognized him kkk…
    n dunno about the other may think, on my mind, Yoo Ah In resembles Super Junior Ki Bum a lot (or the vice versa, they do look alike, but Ah in is in ‘the grown up Ki bum’ for me)

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