[Sticky Note #17] Just In Case Anyone is Interested…^^

… I have in fact written a fanfiction based on Sungkyunkwan Scandal some time ago, and it’s the one and only fanfiction I have written in my whole life, hahaha! I guess I need to be totally won over something in order to have the muse to write about it. Reading this just recently, I can’t believe that I have written this.

Okay, this is shameless self promotion on my work, hahaha! This was supposed to have an alternative mature ending too, but I did not push through it as I don’t want to be thought of as a pervert writer but dang, there are more perverts than me, hahaha! A friend read this and told me it was good (yay!), and that I should definitely write more (another yay!), and she is now wanting to see the drama after reading my work (self esteem is bursting!).

So, will you give it a try and see how it is?

It’s exams week at Sungkyunkwan, and as expected  the brainiac couple, Lee Sunjoon and Kim Yoonhee, are staying up late to study and prepare for the exams. They had their books on top of their study table. Sunjoon, fighting his sleepiness, was lying on the bed reading, while Yoonhee was sitting with her back leaning against the table at the foot of their beds, facing Sunjoon, reading her book too.

“How are you getting along with your book?” Sunjoon asked Yoonhee.

“There is this paragraph here that I’ve been reading again and again but I don’t seem to fully understand what it means,” answered Yoonhee.

“Let me see it.” Sunjoon got up from his bed and took the book from Yoonhee, placing it on the table. Yoonhee settled herself beside him while he was reading the page from his book.

“Oh, you’re right,” he said, “this is quite difficult but I understand it. Here, I’ll explain it to you.”

While Sunjoon was explaining the lesson to her, Yoonhee was looking at his face. How handsome he is. Those lovely eyes, his red lips, his white neck, and oh, the way his Adam’s apple moved when he talks looked so sexy too.

(Read more here…)


2 thoughts on “[Sticky Note #17] Just In Case Anyone is Interested…^^

  1. Please make more SKKS fanfics!!! I’m craving for some…you are a genius in making them and I enjoy it…=D

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