Page 65 of 366: Monday Blues


The beginning of the week.

Should be starting the week in good vibes and everything sweet, nice, fluffy, sunshiney and whatnot.

But no. That is so not the case.

I lost my MRT card, my proximity card, my company ID and I left my phone at home.

I cannot access my Twitter at work if I don’t have my phone as we are in North Korea*, baby.


Then come some sad tweets, which don’t normally affect me at all, as I have part of my heart shielded from the fandom drama.

But I am affected, goodness!

I must be PMS-ing.

Yes, that could be.

Over all, it is just a blah day.

I hate feelings like this. I hate being down and sad and gloomy and feeling a little bit angsty. I don’t like this.

They say that happiness is a state of mind, and yes, I am trying to manipulate my state of mind here, looking for stuff that would make me happy and gay, but the cosmic forces must have thought today is the best day to celebrate being blue.

This can’t go on. I’ll go crazy if this is to last the whole day.


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