[Video] Brian Joo – Let This Die (English Version) featuring Flowsik of Aziatix

I dunno if this is the legit English version of the music video, but lipreading closely at Brian, seems like he is singing this in English. I just totally love this version, aside from the reason that I can sing this and actually understanding what I am singing, hahaha, it’s Flowsik’s rap part that totally won me over. (Sorry Drunken Tiger, but I just don’t totally dig your version.) *swoooooons* My gawd, that man has the sexiest rap voice evar, like his slur is as sinful as sex chocolate, so smooth, so suave. Too bad he wasn’t show in the video, which makes me wonder if this is really the legit English music video.

Why are you callin’
There’s nobody home
Who’ever you chasin’
Is already gone

Don’t write him a letter
‘Cuz it won’t be read
And don’t say a word
It’s already been said

Yea, it’s too late now

* I know how hard you’ve tried
Tryin’ to keep this alive
But you can’t do it anymore
You gotta let it go
So I think it’s time
To let this die

Put down your armor
There’s no need to fight
You’re making it harder
The harder you try

And you can’t control this
So put it to rest
Stop playin’ it over
Like a song in your head
Yeah, and it’s too late now

* repeat

I can’t bear to watch you leave
You know in your heart that he’s not the one you need
I’ll show you how it’s meant to be
So just close your eyes take my hand and come with me yeah
Come with me yeah OH!

[Rap – Flowsik]
So your love went from so hot to luke warm,
I don’t know why you call,
too late too long,
know it’s time to move on
cold night, now a new morn’,
so we’re out with the breeze,
4 wheels with the roof gone
hey, and we can take over,
put down your hand and hold mine,
this ain’t a game; poker
your man pulling you down,
leashing you with a choker,
let me loosen it,
replace it with diamonds like i’m suppose to
I just want to ride nationwide and get lost with you,
hold hands, raise them and praise God with you
Rick Ross floss, wanna be a boss with you,
what you don’t know, know my love is gon’ get you
night sky, only 2 stars that shine and it’s you and I,
so before you make another call,
let me say this one more time; I know how hard you tried.

Cause I know how hard you’ve tried
Tryin’ to keep this alive
But you can’t do it anymore
You gotta let it go
So I think it’s time
To let this die

To let this die (x4)

(Let go, let go)
Put it to rest now
(Let go, let go)
All you gotta do is


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