[Sticky Note #16] TMTETS Translation Updates and Passwords


At long last, my nose has sniffed some TMTETS translations. I admit it’s been sad for a while that my blog views had dropped –okay it is just me wanting some readers’ lovin– but aside from that, of course, I want to have the complete translations of this novel as much as possible. It ain’t nice reading just parts of this and that right?

Same thing as before, EACH POST HAS A DIFFERENT PASSWORD, so please don’t panic if the other posts doesn’t open even if you have entered the password already. Check the PASSWORD LIST for the corresponding passwords, mkay?

Only requests posted at the PASSWORD REQUEST page will be accommodated. It is found here. I know I sound like a broken record repeating the same thing over and over and over again, but still there are people who would request for the password in the Index page and somewhere else. Strayed request will be ignored. Sorry.

Those who have the PASSWORD LIST link emailed to them previously need not ask for the passwords for the new translated posts. I will be updating that list. PLEASE DO NOT GIVE OUT THAT LINK, OKAY?

Read Sticky Note #15 please!

If you encounter any password problems, please email me at kara_elayne@yahoo.com. Do so after you have tried the password for the 435434984023571640680834th time and still doesn’t work for you. If it does not work for the first time, please don’t panic email me. Try again. Who knows, you might have key in the wrong character, yeah?

Happy reading! Have a good day and be safe!

, kara