[Sticky Note #15] Passwords Not Working?

So, I have been getting comments and emails that some passwords are not working. This got me wondering because:

1. I haven’t done any password changes.

2. If ever I will change the passwords, I will surely inform you about it.

3. If it works for others, why not with some? Is there some cosmic sabotage going on?

So, before replying to some requests this morning, I checked out the password list and tried the passwords to the protected posts. ALL OF THE PASSWORDS ARE FINE AND DANDY, thankyouverymuch, THEY ARE WORKING JUST FINE. Phew!

So, just a few reminders again to my readers.

  • DO NOT GIVE OUT THE PASSWORDS. I am soooo stressing this out. Don’t make a beast of me please and make me want to rip the guts out of you or worse, delete the whole thing.  Just kidding (with the gut ripping part), but seriously, just ask for it. I reply to requests and emails as soon as I can, right?
  • I do not give out the password for the download link of Sungkyunkwan Scandal. Read the translations here in my blog. This is much more organized and somewhat complete. Unless you insist of reading the scrawny one, well… ^^
  • If the first time the password doesn’t work, try again. You might have pressed a wrong key or missed a number. Don’t panic email me. If after the 32354321465463445th time you tried the said password and it is still not working, then that is your cue to panic email me. =D
  • My gawd, be nice when asking for the password. So far, you have been all nice and appreciative of the efforts done here, but there are a few exceptional people who would email and say, “Hey, give me the password.” Hey back too, where is your “please” and “thank you”, mister? What if I don’t want to?
  • Let me sleep, please! I know I have weird sleeping hours at times but don’t expect me to reply to your requests and emails in an instant. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t, but please be patient, okay? And let me sleep. ^^

That’s all for today, if you have any suggestions, questions, comments, etc., email me at kara_elayne@yahoo.com.

Have a blessed day! ♥

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