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What is the weirdest, scariest dream you ever have? Have you ever woken up running out of breath, sweating cold, or even screaming?

4-5 years ago I have this scary weird dream that until now it makes me think that it borderlines reality. Even thinking about it now makes the hairs at the back of my neck stand up, to think that I am not one who gets easily scared.

We used to live in my cousin’s house outside the metro. It was a huge 3 storey house and there’s only me, my mama and my brother living there at that time. We occupied the room at the ground floor, and I dunno, it was a huge house but it has this empty dark claustrophobic feeling to it. I used to stay in the living room often as there is no network signal for my phone in the rooms. Since it was vacation time and I was not working yet by that time, I was a total couch potato, watching TV all day and texting friends. I practically lived in the living room.

Neighbours would usually asked my mama if we have not felt anything weird inside the house, and my mama would say no. I dunno, I know my mama can see “paranormal” stuff, maybe she is just saying that as to not scared us or what. I am quite dense with stuff like that. I would always have a reason to defy these oddity, like I would say the weird sounds from the third floor library are just the wind or the sounds of falling objects are caused by cats. Now, I just realized that there can not have wind upstairs because the windows were closed and I saw no cats around the house.

One time my mama told me that one early morning, my brother went to the restroom and he thought he saw me watching TV in the living room. It was about 3 in the morning. He saw someone wearing white and had long hair. I had bob hair then, but there was me sleeping on the couch in the living room. The TV was off.

I did not mind what my mama said. I am a skeptic.

One night, I fell asleep watching TV again and I could feel a hand brushing through my hair. I thought it was my mama waking me up and had me transferred to the bedroom. I mumbled in my sleep. But I could still feel that hand brushing my hair, and I said, “Ma, I am sleepy. Just let me sleep here, I have been sleeping here for a week now.” I felt wierd because that is not the way my mama wakes us up. She would shake us up away and she would be saying something like, “Wake up, you are going to be late, etc.” Plus, why would she asked me to transfer to the bedroom when I have been sleeping in the living room for many nights already?

Something in me snapped me awake and I saw that my thin blanket was pulled down the end of the couch, I was sleeping in an opposite direction when I am supposed to be facing the TV. It was a hot summer night and I had electric fan all the time but the fan was off but I was feeling cold all of a sudden. I got goosebumps all over and when I closed my eyes again to sleep, some sort of a dream flashback came instantly into mind. I saw a girl wearing white with long hair brushing my hair. I instantly woke up again, shaking my head, as if that would make these troubling thoughts go away. I told myself, maybe it was my unconscious mind recalling what my mama said about my brother seeing a girl the other night.

I could not sleep that night anymore. I dragged my bedding to the bedroom and asked my mama if I could sleep with me. That was also the last time I slept in the living room.

After the Japan earthquake and tsunami, people seem to get too paranoid each time there is a tremor happening, and maybe with all the news reports concerning this, somehow my dreams were affected too?

My dream setting was in our little church-school back home in the province. My mama was there because Summer was attending school and I was there to see my friends, chatting with them. Being a Twitter whore that I am, I panicked when I read a tweet saying that in a matter of five minutes, a tsunami 15 feet high is going to sweep our little city. I was even thinking how come we gonna have a tsunami, we are not in the open sea, but as I was accessing the situation, right there before my very eyes, raging walls of angry water came rushing towards us. Time seem to stop in my dream. I can see my mama talking happily with a friend, not aware that in a few seconds she will be swept away. I cannot see Summer. Everyone else seemed to not be aware of the pending catastrophe.

Then it happened. But a miracle happened that we were not swept away. When the water wall passed by, my mama was still there where she was standing a few minutes ago, drenched. Everyone was still in place, as if it only rained and not a tsunami passed. Everyone, except Summer. That is when I started screaming, looking for my niece. “SUMMER! SUMMER, WHERE ARE YOU? SUMMEEEEERRRRR!”

My mother shook me awake, and I woke up still screaming for Summer. It felt so real and gawd, just the thought that something as devastating as that would happened to any one of my family, it will really break me apart. When I calmed down, I asked them about Summer. The little girl was still sleeping in their room downstairs. But my heart felt like bursting out of my ribs.


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