Page 51 of 366: Why Can’t Fold Paper Properly?

… and here I am again, in the OC mode and complaining again about people who can’t fold paper properly. Really, I cannot for the life of me understand what is so hard in folding paper neatly. Properly folded papers save space. Properly folded papers are neat to look at. Properly folded papers make people like me happy and gay and feeling all sunshine-y all over. Properly folded papers lessen stress. Properly folded papers promotes beauty. Properly folded papers are love.

With the above reasons given, why there are still people who are content to just stuff their papers in the courier pouch without even thinking that, maybe these poor papers would feel uncomfortable while they are being mailed off to far away places? Imagine yourself being transported to the remotest area of Batanes in a very cramp truck filled with mad dogs. Not a good thing, right? That’s what these papers feel too. Yes, papers have feelings.

But if your papers are properly folded, it’s like being on the business class of the courier plane. Everything is in place, no unnecessary creases, no stray pages sticking out, the papers can’t breathe feeling and in a relaxing mode while on their way to the consignee. They don’t need to push and shove other papers to get the much wanted space. Lastly, they will get to their destination feeling fresh and well-rested.

Now, I feel like throwing that pouch my workmate has given me for mailing. How can he not have pity with his poor papers? Why can’t he pamper and spoil his papers like I do mine? Where is the justice here?

Well, I guess not all papers are created equal.


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