Page 51 of 366: Sticky Notes Shopping Spree and Cold War

Page 51

So,  my sister did not give birth yet on Saturday, which is an ideal date because I want to name the baby Shim Changmin, haha! I even told Summer and Rein that we are going to have a baby Changmin-ah (they know Shim Changmin and call him Changmin-ah like he is part of the family, hahaha!) and they seem to like the idea too. Well, they almost always like auntie’s ideas, my devoted nieces.

Shopping spree of some cute kiddie stuff yesterday, my gawd, I am spazzing like a lunatic in the pens and notebooks department.

A cute Japanese mouse pad, which I have no intention of using. There are still other cute designs back there, and I am going to buy all of it!



Mini envelope cards, mini sticky notes, mini letter set and a I ♥ Paris sticky note. I fancy sticky notes lately. Are they not so cute?


A Victorian inspired hardbound notebook with a gold spine! A classic.

Flower pot and girly top pens. I have a few of girly top pens but I am not sure if I already have these two so I just bought it. Ridiculous that in Functional they cost at around 50 pesos while I bought the last two at 19.75. Lousy.

Gawd, I want to own a bookstore selling cute stuff like this. I will be in heaven every day then, hehehe!

I and my brother had a cold war for the past three days. I was not in speaking terms with him since Thursday coz I was mad at him. Normally when I am pissed with him, it would only last for a day. I can’t go on having grudge on someone for days, especially family. It is such a burden, I tell you. But this time my patience level has gone zero and it is time he should be taught a lesson. He was in ignore mode, whenever he talked to me I turned my back on him, I kicked his drawing tools (yes, I am an ebil sis, he pushed me to be one!), and I growled at him at the very rare times I HAVE to talk to him those days.

Sunday, we went to the mall with my fam and I treated them for lunch. Since my brother was trying to make a conversation with me, and I need someone to order my food (ha!), I started talking to him again. I asked him what he wanted to eat, and he was like, “Ate, I will treat you for lunch. You go choose what you want.” Whaaaaat?! I was shocked, at the same time, amused too, thinking that, “Ah, maybe this is his way of reconciling with me. We should fight more often.” Hahaha! Told him he will treat me next time, or maybe he’s gonna buy me another set of wooden stamp. He said okay.

Of course, I am going to milk this as much as I can. I am going to make a list of what he is going to buy for me, hahaha!


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