[Sticky Note #14] Password Request and List


Posted another translation for The Moon That Embraces The Sun. I dunno where that part of the story fits in; I just found it while digging through some old tweets. If you do know, kindly tell me please?

For those who have received the password link from me, NO NEED TO ASK FOR THE PASSWORD FOR THE NEW POST. It’s been updated too, please check it out.

Please, if it is not of any inconvenience to you, REQUEST FOR THE PASSWORD HERE. Not here, here, or here. It defeats the purpose of the Password Request page, plus I cannot go around and check the other pages for stray requests, though I still might be doing that ‘coz I can’t bear it in my heart that other requests are overlooked. Sigh. Oh, PLEASE SUPPLY A LEGIT, VALID, WORKING, ACTIVE EMAIL ADDRESS WHEN REQUESTING FOR THE PASSWORD. It gets me paranoid whenever I see a Mailer Daemon or Failed Delivery in my Inbox. *pouts*

If there is any problem or questions, please email me (kara_elayne@yahoo.com). I would rather get an email from you if you are experiencing a broken link or non response to your request; at least I can keep track of that.

Have a happy weekend, friends! Keep safe.


One thought on “[Sticky Note #14] Password Request and List

  1. Hi kara,
    can you explain about the password link? is it the same password that you’ve email it? … if not, then i need to know the password 🙂
    thank you.

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