Page 47 of 366: OMG! Be Nice To My Heart, Equator Man! *grins*


Why are they putting my favourite guys/boys in one drama? Oh, the emotional happy stress my heart has to handle.

First this guy, Lee Jun Hyuk.

What do you think you are doing, mister? My gawd, is it not enuff for you to kill me in I Am Legend (well, not exactly your scruffy ajhussi looks there, darling, but damn, your voice… *swooooooons!*) and City Hunter (though I haven’t seen the whole drama but I am checking out your clips)?Now, with Uhm Tae Woong too? Gosh!

Second, this boy, Lee Hyun Woo.

Where do I love thee? Let me count the dramas. Well, actually I have seen only two of his dramas,  Queen Seon Deok playing the young Kim Yushin (which is totally one of my favourite characters in that drama, other one is Lady Mishil) and God of Study (with Yoo Seung Ho, gawd, another fave boylet of mine, haha!)

Oh, and he is playing the young Uhm Tae Woong again in Equator Man.

Lastly, Im Siwan, aka My Heo Yeom boy.

EEEEEE! Like he is my favourite boy in The Moon That Embraces The Sun and probably the only name I can remember in that drama (sorry, other names come as a blurry senseless doodle in my head), so I am kinda excited to see him sans the hanbok.

Guess what? I just learned that he was in a K-pop band ZE:A and I have seen him in the flesh when he was here for a fanmeet (read: Accidental Kpop Fanmeet) but I just didn’t give a daaaaaaamn about them (well, Siwan) so … Aaaaaargh! We have been in the same place, breathed the same air that day! If only I knew back then that he’s gonna be one of my boylets, I would have ditched my girl friends and try to join the other teenagers in screaming, “Oppaaaaaaa~!” Eww. Hahaha!

So much for me for spazzing over this, I just hope, oh for the love of Kdrama gods, let me have the time to watch this.


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