[Sticky Note #13] TMTETS Chapters 15 & 16 Updates

Heya! Seems like the previously posted Chapters 1516 of The Moon That Embraces The Sun are incomplete, and fortunately I found the “missing pieces” last night, so check them out again for the updated translated version. Yay!

The passwords are still the same, so no need to request for the new one if you have the password already.

Also, I made a Password List of all the passwords of the protected posts here in my blog because I never expected to be swamped with requests, and I myself got confused of my passwords myself. Just ask for it in the Password Request page and I will email you the link. My gawd, just please don’t go giving the passwords around or else… *ebil glare*

EDIT: For those who have gotten the broken link, please email me (kara_elayne@yahoo.com) so I can send you the fixed link.

Hope everyone is having a good day! I was happy because yesterday I hit the 2500+ views mark in my blog, yay again!


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