Page 46 of 366: AAAAAAAAHHH! Dilemma!

OMG! Such a dilemma!

Today we are going to have a facial, Starbucks and cheesesticks date with my girl friends Marianne, Chelle and Jes. Plus Chelle’s cousin, because the Mary Kay CG’s are hers, hah! Last week, Chelle had it scheduled already, I promised to treat them to Starbucks afterwards, and Jes and Marianne are the ones in charge for the cheesesticks, and yes,  and we are going later, the five of us.

This morning, I got a phone call from Chelle.

Chelle: Dear, please help me. I have a problem.

Me: If it is money, I am sorry I have none to spare you.

Chelle: Noooo! It’s about tonight. Help me decide please.

Me: Okay, what about it, dear?

Chelle: My cousin called me this morning, and she said that she’s bringing along her friend. I have no extra GC for her, so one of us has to be scratched off the list. BUT! Don’t say you’re backing out because I won’t let you. No, you are coming with me. (She’s such a huge fan of mine, haha!)

Me: So it’s either Jes or Marianne. Hmmm. OMG, I can’t choose! They are our friends! Don’t make me choose among my friends, plus we need financial backup for the cheesesticks, haha!

Chelle: I knooooooow!

Me: Then why not tell your cousin that she can’t bring her friend coz we have already booked?

Chelle: It’s embarassing. The CG’s are hers, in the first place. Is not Marianne going anywhere after work? No dates with other set of friends?

Me: I dunno. This is like Survivor, dear, I can’t decide who to vote out. But maybe Jes has more work tonight and she can’t go with us?

Chelle: I wish! But then, poor her. She’s all stressed up lately she totally needs some R&R. Please decide, dear.

Me: You are asking me to choose?! This is so hard. No, you choose. And I am not telling either of them that they can’t come.

Chelle: I chose you already, so it’s your turn to choose from the two of them.

Me: You made a safe choice! I hate you, you are putting the burden on my shoulders.

Chelle: We only have until 5:00 to decide. Tell me your decision before 5, okay?

Me: My decision?! What my decision – ?

Chelle: Talk to you later, dear, bye!

Now, 2 more hours to go and we still don’t know what to do. I personally want to kick the cousin’s friend out. Everything was already well planned until she decided to come along. I hear from Marianne that she’s meeting a few friends later tonight, and in my own cunning way, is trying to subtly persuade her to go meet them instead. I feel so evil.

2 more hours. Gawd, dillema. Shat.


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