Page 45 of 366: I Dunno What To Call This Post, Really

Yesterday I was so swamped with mountains of paperwork I ended up staying in the office until 7 in the evening. I just hate doing government remittances. Yes, they do have a system but it sucked, so I was left with no choice but to do it manually, which I find it easier and faster but still that doesn’t make me love doing remittances.  Plus, I was so hooked up with this fic, And It Led Me Back To You, so I was reading between working and coffee breaks, hee! The story is so addicting, though the writer has this flair for prolonged drama which pissed me at times, (but that’s how she wants her story to run so…) and it’s a different kind of plot as compared to the ones the read before, a little bit angsty but tolerable for my taste and I just wish the writer would update it soon because I hate waiting especially when it has a cliffhanger ending. Patience is so not my virtue.

Learned yesterday that some workmates’ dad has lung cancer, stage 4.  Though I was also saddened by the news, considering that these siblings breathe smoke like chimneys, it wasn’t a surprise at all. Mommy dang also got lung cancer even if she was not smoking at all. As much as I want to tell them that their dad will be okay, I know it’s just an empty hope. I’ll just pray for him and hope that he won’t have too much pain.

My sister’s supposed to be due this week, I can’t wait to have a new baby in the family. I will be very happy if he’s born on the 18th, the same birthday as Shim Changmin, eeee!

Speaking of Changmin-ah, how hot is he is my iPod wallpaper?



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