[Sticky Note #11] Locking Translation Posts Again

Hey! I changed all the passwords, so if you want to read the protected posts, leave a comment/request in the Password Request page.

Added two chapters in 성균관 스캔들 (Sungkyunkwan Scandal). The main page is protected so please ask for the password.

New translation for The Moon That Embraces The Sun!

For questions, etc., email me: kara_elayne@yahoo.com.

Have a nice week!


7 thoughts on “[Sticky Note #11] Locking Translation Posts Again

  1. Dear Kara,

    Thank you for your effort to post 2 Sungkyunkwan Scandal’s chapters and the new translation of The Moon embrase the sun.
    Thank you too for the translator.
    Kara, can you send me the password for the add chapter SKKS and book 2 and the moon embrace the sun?
    Thanks a lot, love you…

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