[Sticky Note #10] Unlocking Protected Posts

Gawd! Fridays are always soooo stressful to me, it’s like the toxic-iest day of the week for me. While workmates are excited for the Friday night out, I am here whining, “Help, God, it’s Friday!”

So, I am unlocking the protected posts for the weekend, yay! As much as I love getting emails from readers for password requests and sharing their own love for these novels, I just don’t have the energy to reply to each and every email/comment. I am giving myself a break by making these posts public.

성균관 스캔들 (Sungkyunkwan Scandal) is still password protected but the password given out in Sticky Note #9 is still the same. No need to request for it, and all the chapters listed in the main page has the same password, so when you open one chapter, the succeeding chapters will open automatically. Open sesame! Will add a few more chapters and then it’s done.

My request still goes the same – don’t go around posting these translations in other sites without proper credits. We owe this to the translators.

Happy reading and enjoy your weekend!

If you have questions, etc., email me at kara_elayne@yahoo.com or tweet me @_karassi.

どうもありがとうございました。대단히 감사합니다. Thank you.


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