Page 40 of 366: STRESSED!

Page 40

I wanna go home and sleep now. My gawd, I have been swamped with too many paperworks, but they are still going to end up in pending status since my signatory is out of the country. I am so tired, I need coffee. But I am too tired to get off my seat and make me coffee.

Can I just then borrow Changmin’s wide and huggable back to rest upon? *grins* Can I also have his shirt?

Speaking of my Changmin-ah, I learned last night that my sister’s baby due date is on the 18th, and that is Changmin’s birthday, wow! So I told her last night that if the baby’s out on the 18th, I am going to name him Shim Changmin, alias Max. No more Kwon Jiyong, though that guy is adorable in his own weird way, but I love Changmin-ah more than him. I am excited already! My sister was like, “Oh, the names you give my kids!” Hahaha!

Bought this book from the bookstore last night, 365 Little Reasons to Celebrate Today! I made a post today from this book. Noice. ♥

Is it Saturday yet? Acio, weekend! I just want to stuff my papers and notes inside my drawers now and go home. Or maybe see a movie. Or maybe go pen and notebook shopping. Or maybe try those tempting unlimited coffee and cake at The Coffee Beanery.

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