[Sticky Note #7] Since I Am In a Good Mood Today…

… I am posting the password to the Sungkyunkwan Scandal Book 2 (Wedding Night) Novel English Translation today until midnight, Philippine time! Thank this news for my good and happy mood, hee!

But please promise me that you will not post it anywhere else, just redirect people to read it here in my blog. I will have the password changed afterwards.

Password is: parkyucheon Password no longer working.

Happy reading! ♥

♫ 찾았다 내 사랑 내가 찾던 사람
뜨겁게 안아주고 싶어
가만히 눈을 감아 줄래 내가 입 맞춰줄 수 있게
사랑해 널 사랑해
찾았다 내 곁에 둘 한 사람 ♪