Page 38 of 366: OMG! Who Is This Heo Yeom Boy?

Page 38

Soooooo,  I have watched Episodes 1 and 2 of The Moon That Embraces The Sun, and though it didn’t catch my heart in an instant unlike Sungkyunkwan Scandal (Gawd, I pity the sageuk dramas I watched after Sungkyunkwan Scandal, as they will always be compared to it, sorry, I am just a very biased fangirl when it comes to SKKS), I find myself grinning like an idiot over Heo Yeom, eeeeee! OMG! Who. Is. That. Boy. Hahahaha!

The way Lee Hwon’s assistant described him, he is akin to my Lee Sunjoon, minus the grumpiness. I was giggling like mad whenever they portray him as someone deity-like with a very gentle face with matching backlight to make it look like he’s glowing, hahahaha! Oooooh, I love him to bits! Plus he was a Sungkyunkwan scholar and love books, OMG, he’s my kind of a man boy. So, he’s real name is Im Siwan. @#@$!@#$#@%!$#% Why are you soooooo cute?! I want to squish you forever and make you my pocket pet.  *squeal*

I don’t like the young Lee Hwon, though sometimes his eyes remind me of Go Yongha (Song Jongki) but … Shat, stopit! I can’t help but compare them. I wish he would grow up soon so he will be Kim Soo Hyun already, but then who will be my grown up Heo Yeom? Can everybody grow up except Heo Yeom? I am scared he won’t be his adorable handsome self when he grows up.

I want the girl actresses to grow up too. I just feel uncomfortable seeing them being cutesy lovey with the tall boy actors – it’s just there is something wrong. Like these boys are experimenting how to be men yet these girls should still be playing hopscotch or Chinese jackstones, they are just too young to even have crushes and puppy love! Grow up first, grow up!

Then there is this intimate romantic scene between the two main characters, and for the love of mango yogurt, I can’t even imagine it! These are kids, and I dunno, since I have only seen the first two episodes yet, but they look too innocent and young for THAT. Unlike in Sungkyunkwan Scandal, where even though they are also teenagers, but the actors protraying them are actually in their twenties so they looked apt for the scene, plus I have been prepared for it by the perviness of Go Yongha.

But I have to give this a chance though, for Heo Yeom, I will. Who knows, after a few episodes, it will make squeal and giggle and grin like a madwoman, right?


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