Page 33 of 366: Archie Comics Presents … What The Fuq Is Wrong With Them Bus Drivers?!

Page 33

This is not funny anymore. In the first place, it was, is and will never be funny because it makes my blood boil and smoke to come out of my ears! It is the same thing everyday, something would happened to cause delay of my going to work. Either it’s heavy traffic, which is forgivable in my case, coz nobody wants to be stuck in a heavy traffic, or them stupid idiot bus drivers who think it’s the funniest thing in the world to commit traffic violations during the rush hour, where almost all of the passengers are in a hurry to get to work, school, wherever.

I can’t even… *facepalms* Can’t they be more considerate and try to at least not commit any violations so they won’t be flagged down? They should know what are the do’s and don’t  of the traffic rules – they’re driving every fucking day on the same route, on the same time, yet still there are just some stubborn and hardheaded drivers whose idea of funny is murder. Murder from impatient and angry passengers. Gah.

On the other hand, Lesley bought me her Archie comics, yay! (Have I said it lately that I am one bipolar drama queen? I can be happy and mad at the same time, hah!)

Wheeeee! I am soooo excited to read these, I think I can finish all four in just 2 hours. It’s a pity that the double digest ones are not as thick as the double digest ones before.

Who’s your favourite Archie comic character? Though I am not fond of Archie Andrews himself, I like Veronica Lodge and Jughead. Reggie Mantle is a rich playboy failure, hahaha! Eeeeee, typing about them makes me want to ditch work here and read while eating my frozen mango yogurt.

Marianne: What are these, girl?

Me: Archie comics. Lesley lend me hers, and I lend her my books too.You don’t know Archie?

Marianne: No.

Me: You have never ever read them during grade school or high school?

Marianne: No. I am not fond of those.

Me: OMG! You are like my friend, Carms, you both have no childhood!

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